Gao Yuanyuan ride to promote public welfare low-carbon travel mode – Sohu 3u8813

Gao Yuanyuan bike to do public welfare low-carbon travel mode – Sohu since September 22nd, a group of public posters have landed in Beijing subway, airport and other channels, advocating low-carbon green travel. Sponsored by GOblue to blue, Gao Yuanyuan served as ambassador, together with 700Bike, public bicycle based health, low carbon travel.  , as advocated by GOblue, we may not be able to solve the problem of environmental pollution in the short term, but we can achieve the goal of improving the environment by changing our behavior and affecting the people around us. And hope that people can change this as a kind of progress and innovation rather than sacrifice. We have the right to enjoy the blue sky and to make contributions to it. In the video promo, as Beijing’s Gao Yuanyuan tells his story. "When I was a child, Beijing was a veritable bicycle kingdom. Everyone will go to school by bike riding, watching movies, and even ride to look at Xiangshan leaves. But now, our pace is faster and faster, cycling has been unable to meet the pace of our pursuit of the times. Although the world is becoming more and more colorful, but also the slow pace of life in the alley coexist."   indeed, simple, but also a unique scenery. Sometimes, riding a bicycle to slow down, it will really make me feel in this city, there is a very real sense of existence. You will fall in love with the city if you feel it fully. And want to protect it from the bottom of my heart." In the poster, the vehicle appears to be a white custom 700Bike Galaxy folding car. As a lifestyle brand, 700Bike is committed to the promotion of low-carbon environmentally friendly way of travel, advocating efficient fashion travel, readily do charity. In the haze, car exhaust is flooded today, only more people have joined the cycling team, the rider right will be protected, we can look forward to more blue sky. As Gao Yuanyuan said, "I think of myself as a part of the city, travel by bike for me, is a green way to travel, although it will not bring immediate change, but I am willing to contribute my own city of micro-blog." Go out and love our city, be kind to yourself and be kind to our sky.相关的主题文章: