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Cloud strategic cooperation – Gansu Qingyang city science and technology Sohu and HUAWEI enterprise Texun November 15th news: [Lanzhou] Chinese, November 14, 2016, Gansu Municipal People’s Government of Qingyang province and HUAWEI signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Lanzhou, the two sides jointly build Qingyang City computing platform, cloud computing industry and other fields to reach a comprehensive and deep strategic cooperation to build a cloud. Gansu provincial Party Secretary Wang Sanyun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Lin Duo, Provincial Standing Committee of provincial Party committee, Secretary General Li Jianhua, vice governor Huang Qiang, the Provincial Government Secretary General Zhang Shengzhen, Secretary of the Qingyang municipal Party committee? Wang, deputy secretary, acting mayor Zhu Tao, Peng Zhongyang, vice president of HUAWEI China president, Chinese West President Chen Weichen, Lanzhou Representative Office of Fang Xiao and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Qingyang city is located in the eastern part of Gansu Province, is located in Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia provinces interchange, "Longdong", which has a long history, profound culture, is one of the birthplace of the Chinese nation, is an important node in the city Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, the development of cloud computing, big data industry has a unique advantage, the advantage of energy and talent advantage. Qingyang attaches great importance to cloud computing, big data industry development, it will be positioned as a strategic emerging industries. This cooperation, Qingyang city and the HUAWEI enterprise cloud cloud data center platform to build, and relying on the platform to build Gansu regional data processing center, business service center, the modern service industry support center as well as the province of consumer information center, Qingyang city to drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the development of new industries in Qingyang city. Qingyang municipal Party committee secretary? Wang said at the signing ceremony, Qingyang is the only old revolutionary base areas in Gansu Province, known as the "red shrine, Qihuang hometown, source, energy, agriculture". In recent years, Qingyang City, follow the "bigger and stronger characteristics of the leading industry, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries" ideas, to public entrepreneurship, innovation as the starting point, a new generation of information technology industry to promote cloud computing, large data lead, to create a new economic growth point. Qingyang HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud officially signed a cooperation agreement, marking the bilateral cooperation has opened a new chapter, it will be for us to achieve industrial upgrading, promote the information industry and the depth of integration, accelerate the construction of smart city, into the development strategy of "The Belt and Road" inject a powerful new force. Vice president of HUAWEI, China District President Peng Zhongyang Peng Zhongyang said that the Qingyang city location, resources, culture and other advantages, in strategic layout of cloud computing, big data industry, and its positioning as a key emerging industry development. HUAWEI in cloud computing, big data field has maintained a very high core technology R & D investment, HUAWEI enterprise cloud focus on creating cloud infrastructure services, adhere to the concept of opening up and cooperation, and promised not to carry data is realized, together with partners in the cloud era and win-win future. The signing of the cooperation agreement, marking the HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud with the city of Qingyang in the development of the cloud computing industry cooperation has entered a new stage, HUAWEI enterprise cloud will give full play in the field of cloud services technical strength and resources in the upstream and downstream industry chain partners, to create regional cloud ecology and Qingyang City, jointly promote cloud computing, big data industry development. Future, HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud and celebration相关的主题文章: