Game player Tucao said 4 radiation screen B agency responded you do suck you.-sopor aeternus

Game player Tucao said 4 radiation screen B agency responded: you do suck you rotten either "the Elder Scrolls 5" or "4" radiation, B produced a variety of agencies have been criticized for the big game player quality is not good enough, people are wondering, B service obviously have better effect to strength. Why not perfect? Recently, B Marketing Manager Pete Hines in an interview with foreign media to explain this. Radiation 4 in an interview with Pete Hines admits, in fact, radiation, the market performance is far more than they expected, they are very excited about the. Although there have been in the game player play more than 100 hours a day at the same time, also complained about the "radiation 4" screen is not good enough, but B seems to have been no too personally. "Accepting the player’s criticism is the only way to develop the game. But no one game is perfect, we won’t be able to please to every game player, even "the Elder Scrolls 5" as rave reviews of the game, game player who has also been an opinion, "4", "3" radiation radiation is in the same situation, and we can only do our best, hope we can do better next time." Radiation 4 subsequently, the foreign media reporter threw a question: since so many players Tucao your game quality is poor, why not simply put this part of the outsourcing to do a special look at the independent team? To B financial resources, it should not be a problem, right? Pete Hines candidly replied: "this is not a question of money. Refer to "4" and "radiation" the Elder Scrolls 5 production director Todd Howard saying: we can do anything, but we cannot do everything at the same time. Resources and bandwidth are limited, and there is a cost of polishing and testing, even if you go to the top independent team to do the same." We are most concerned about the problem is: has joined the "lifetime" series of luxury packages, "ancient scrolls 6" and "radiation 5" will appear the same picture quality problem? In this regard, Pete Hines did not dare to promise: "I can only say that we will be under the premise of ensuring the game content to look as good as possible. These new works in the world is very large, and very interactive, in which the players want to chop down how it does not matter. We don’t want to make a scene or object that looks just fine on the surface, and we want players to interact with it. But there is no doubt that any purpose is to pay the price." Listen to this meaning, it seems that B club iron to the ambition and gameplay sacrifice quality? Pete Hines for this argument, the players have their views? Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: