Gambling website advertising into iPhone 6S software freelander2

Gambling website advertising into iPhone 6S software users reflect the calendar and photo software push small ads: Apple sharing closed Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Qunchen) recently, some people reflect to the newspaper, the iPhone6S mobile phone calendar and photo two software, will push some gambling and pornography website. Legal Evening News reporter search found that many users have encountered a similar phenomenon. In this regard, apple customer service staff said that some of the network advertising push the use of software sharing mode push advertising, users can share closed, isolated from these push. Mr. Chen told reporters, nearly two months since the calendar and the picture of his iPhone6S two software appeared a lot of push information, and this information is centered on gambling, "I was just curious opened this function who knows all of this information." Mr. Chen said. "Legal Evening News" reporter learned that, in Mr. Chen mobile phone calendar your inbox, are pushing information about gambling, a total of two pictures in your calendar and inbox six similar information push. Chen told reporters that these push the information he had opened a point, he found that there is a phishing site, and after the inquiry IP address found that these sites are foreign servers. In micro-blog and WeChat, the situation is similar to many iPhone6S users have, but the majority of people on the phone is only three to four. Some netizens said that the beginning is found in the case of two months ago, but there is no point to open this information has not been received. At the same time in the "known" above, there is a similar situation users have posted, many users also share the way to avoid the similar phenomenon, there are two respectively is the first of a new packet in a mobile phone calendar in the main method, and then all you want to delete these push information all move to this group, at last this will delete the packet, this method to get the users’ praise". The other is to use the computer to log iCloud, and enter the calendar from here, choose to delete events in the calendar can be solved by the comments that the two methods can solve this problem. Apple push business on sharing Apple customer service staff said that the reasons appear similar phenomenon is some network pushing device to compare information, find out some e-mail address is iPhone ID, if the user’s mobile phone calendar software in shared mode, they will send some advertising push from the cloud, and because shared relationship, this information will appear on the mobile phone. The reasons for the similar picture. Because sharing is not a common feature, users simply need to shut down the share to push off.相关的主题文章: