Fushun 3 days to 9 days following Dongzhou District Wanghua relates to regional power outages (video-4444.kk.com

Fushun 3 days to 9 days following regional power outages such as Dongzhou District Wanghua relates to supply due to planned maintenance outage, November 3rd to 9, the Fushun regional power outages. In November 3rd 9 -16 when 10 thousand volt five Yanwu a second tier 26# switch to 48# switch power outage area: wanghuaou Yanwu area (Wanghua District sewage treatment plant, asphalt plant). In November 4th 9 -17 when 10 thousand volt line outage young food, blackout area: good luck Dongzhou area cable factory district and the surrounding area, corner of nearby residents, tenth middle school, high school and the surrounding residents and their nearby residents, hospitals and hospitals rear food mains supply residents, public buildings, power margin feelings of East Tsinghua Yuan and the surrounding areas, Kim ditch Mizoguchi surrounding areas. In November 4th 9 -17 when young becomes 10 thousand volts Zhangdian trunk 1#-107# switch power outage area: Dongzhou District, Lida fiber and its surrounding areas and the surrounding areas, cable factory Hongyun home, Orient Guest House and nearby residents, the Fushun State Grid and its nearby residents, enterprises and institutions and the city of Paris and nearby residents, and near the Hongyuan chemical area, Hengyuan chemical and the surrounding area. In November 4th 9 to November 4th 16 10 thousand volt drop Pro peace trunk 31# switch power outage area: Yingkou road Wanghua District in the north, to the south of the ancient city of Riverside Road, West River, East Rose City B district (Wanghua District fire brigade, the gas company, Wanghua tap water factory and petrochemical Conference Center, perfume Bay District public the construction, Hebei drops Taiwan water). November 8th at 8 -17 when the general changes to the north of the first 10 thousand volts, second-line 1#-54# switch off. The blackout area: Shuncheng District Road and 202 Street on both sides of the general area. Ocean City residential, residential apartments, the model district of North and mid Linxi area, ditch, Xiangshan knitted Meishu, hydraulic parts factory, factory district and West District ningyuan. In November 8th 9 -12 when 10 thousand volts 43 square line 10#-64# outage, outage area: 3# Road Development Zone along the Li Shi street, along the riverside road, ZTE, coal research, Yifeng, grand, large business groups and other surrounding areas. In November 8th 7 -17 and 10 thousand V Zhan Fu Liu Nongda line 1 lever switch power. The blackout area: Shun City blackout before the union, Xinbei District, town of DAB Qiulin District, Yucheng District, village area after xuan. In November 9th 8 -10 when the 10 thousand volt power blackout area for second-line Yong Ling, Xinbin County Yongling Town Road, north area full stop. November 9th 7 to 17 when the waves change to 10 thousand volts pine line outage. The blackout area: Fushun County Township Village, the sea shanty village, Fang Shen Cun, Huahong village, linden village, village, after the village of five rooms, former village, pine village, Tong Village area. In November 9th 7 -17 when the sea became 10 thousand volt power line yang. The blackout area: Fushun County Rural Village, before the sea waves, Erling village, Xiao Bu Cun Zhao Jia Cun, Heshun Village, South Village, village, Yang Mu Cun, Yingpan village area. November 9th at 7 -17 when Mao Yan changed to 10 thousand volts Fu Mao Gong line outage. The blackout area: Fushun County village, Shi Wen Zhen Su Ying Shou village, village, village, tri village, sickle]相关的主题文章: