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From the nursery book can not see the child! Sohu are as many new mothers maternal content baby parenting books written, but the baby can not completely according to write the books that didn’t meet the book growth situation, you can handle it? Every woman who wants to be a mother will get a lot of parenting knowledge from the book as a guide to raising her baby. But the growth of the baby is not echo what the books say the contents of the book, it is difficult to cover the baby’s every little bit, there are many things are unexpected new mothers. In the side of my parenting experience and the exchange of these few months, I found several books did not write, but the baby is generally a phenomenon. The book does not say: when the baby will make a variety of sounds without baby, I always thought that in addition to baby cry, the other time will be very quiet, the baby at home only to find it’s. The whole month, I have been all kinds of baby a voice surrounded by a "word! The throat!" For a while, is similar to a bird scream, one is like a horse "cough cough" sound, then it is "well?" the whistle, big, day and night. The first few nights, I was always too noisy to sleep. I think that only my baby like this, then one asked, is this the original just born child, the old man called "earned", say the baby through this "earned", a long stretch. Out of the month, the situation gradually disappeared. The book does not say: baby second months will be tied, to hold the yard of the child is eat and sleep in the gap, he don’t eat milk, you can make him alone to do things in the bedroom, but second months children no longer worry so the. This stage of the baby during the day to wake up for a long time, but can not play, and people will not be able to communicate in the wake of the time, there is only one thing to do. Now recall this month, the deepest impression is holding the baby to walk. When the baby has a characteristic, is holding a drop asleep, woke up, in order to let her sleep, don’t cry, I once continuously held her all day, at night, arm pain has not lift up. I thought it was or what the baby calcium deficiency, according to the advice of others calcium and vitamin D supplement, but are of no avail. When I was a baby, in third months, it miraculously. Ask a few month old baby’s mother, referred to this characteristic, to sum up this is a normal phenomenon. The book does not say: when the baby will fart quickly over third months, the baby has entered a period of accelerated growth, while breast milk had time to eat to eat baby suddenly eat empty two breast is enough, the night by night to eat a milk to eat two or three times. She ate a lot, but less stool, once a day, suddenly two or three days did not pull. I checked the "Spock parenting," said the baby to eat breast milk to third months, due to good digestion of breast milk, stool can be less things, stool will become less frequent. But)相关的主题文章: