Fragrant and sweet baby brain, enough to drink a bowl! Sohu –

Fragrant and sweet baby brain, enough to drink a bowl! Sohu – maternal brown rice red dates walnut paste the weather is cold, please drink a cup of warm rice paste this bowl of rice paste taste particularly good drink, also very nutritious. Most babies love to drink this sweet, with a sweet rice paste. If there is Soybean Milk machine at home, do it not a lot of simple Soybean Milk machine, put the cooked ingredients after stirring, also can make delicious rice paste to the baby do breakfast, snacks are very good walnut brain Bunao, but directly get the baby to eat and afraid of choking on rice paste in don’t have to worry about this problem. Do you usually are not love for the baby and family to do the rice paste drink what good food collocation, voice communication with me to the shopping list formula: 5 red dates, Walnut 5, brown rice 20g seasoning: no cooking method: stir reference month age: more than 9 months of difficulty: no difficulty tip: suitable for food in the text is not allergic to the baby. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: red dates 5, walnut 5, brown rice 20g. 2 wash brown rice, soak in water for 4 hours in advance. 3 red dates wash after 15 minutes in advance soaked with water, to remove dust from the surface. 4 red dates, peeled, peeled, and then chopped. PS: if you give the baby to drink, it is best to peel, so as not to the baby’s throat. More than 18 months of the baby, digestive ability development better, stirring function is also very awesome mixer, not peeled it. 5 brown rice bubble, into the rice cooker, add water boiled. PS: brown rice contains more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and more nutritious foods than we do in our daily diet. However, due to the high content of brown rice cellulose content, not easy to cook and digestion and absorption of the baby, so usually do to the baby when the brown rice must be soaked in advance, cook for a while. 6 walnut walnut crack, put out. PS: eat a lot of walnut walnut, walnut is rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. The phospholipid in walnut has a good health care effect on cranial nerves. But the baby’s oral immature baby’s mouth, walnut with respect to large volume, so we can give the baby feeding before the walnut walnut powder, or minced to give the baby to eat. 7 chopped walnuts. PS: some children do not love to eat walnuts, thin skinned walnut brown because the surface has a bitter taste, so a lot of treasure mom will take it off, in fact the hard layer of walnut brown skin is rich in vitamin E, antioxidant effect is good, you will lose off this part of nutrition. The rice paste, because of the sweet jujube, walnut and neutralized the bitter taste, must not be found Oh baby! 8 Brown Rice after the boil, boil brown rice soup together with reserve. 9 prepared red dates, walnuts and brown rice bowl.相关的主题文章: