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Reference-and-Education Forensic nursing jobs are some of the most important careers in the nursing field. Individuals who hold forensic nursing degrees are trained to treat patient wounds and perform all the other duties of a registered nurse, but they are also able to recognize, collect and preserve evidence while they treat patients in a fast-paced crime scene environment. Forensic nurse examiners also work with other members of a hospital staff that collect and document evidence. It is an extremely significant job with a lot of responsibilities and rewards. Forensic Nursing Jobs Description There are many different types of forensic nursing careers, such as correctional nursing, sexual assault nursing, gerontology, nurse coroner/death investigation, legal nurse consulting and .munity education. Forensic nursing careers can take a registered nurse into many different fields and many different types of job environments. Many of these environments are not for the faint of heart, though, as forensic nurses must often confront extreme human behavior maintaining a professional attitude and .posure. The educational programs for forensic nursing degrees must prepare students to work under high amounts or pressure, as victims of violent crime are often brought into emergency rooms where forensic nurses work. The patients these nurses treat are often victims of sexual assaults and other abusive crimes, and they are not always willing to .e forward after experiencing such a traumatic event. Forensic nurse jobs require a certain psychological skill because the nurses must look into these patients actions, medical histories and markings to interpret the situation. Since evidence of these crimes needs to be collected within a 72-hour window in a manner that does not cause the patient to experience further trauma, forensic nurses walk a fine line of caring for the patient and collecting the necessary evidence. Forensic nurses often serve as advocates for the patients who have been victims of heinous crimes, and they may even be called to present the evidence they discovered in court. Forensic nursing jobs are not for the faint of heart, but anyone who is up for the challenge can receive many emotional and financial rewards for their highly important and challenging work About the Author: 相关的主题文章: