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Foreign tour guide how to manage? – tourism Channel original title: foreign tour guides how to manage? The British tour is divided into blue and other registered tour guide chapter. Blue chapter tour guide is a high level tour guide in the UK, marking the authority and professional. Although the tour guide business in the United Kingdom is not necessarily a tour guide qualification, but in some scenic spots are not related to tour guides will be banned. The tour guide Institute of the United Kingdom undertakes the issuance and management of professional documents. Tour guide management by the government by industry organizations, improve the efficiency of the management of professional tour guides, and strengthen the professionalism of professionals. Singapore: Singapore – publishing qualified tour guide list, with guide contact, language and other information, the travel agency may contact according to the demand and guide, determine the employment relationship. Only through the unified organization of the tourism sector examination qualified, can be incorporated into the guide directory. Do not wear documents with tour guides will be warned. Singapore to implement regular reports, renewal and training system to guide industry guide book. Tour guide every six months to report the last 6 months of the volume. A certain number of every registered tour shall participate in a tour guide examination, through recertification, not through guide qualification will be canceled. – France: French occupation of tourism practitioners ability and professional knowledge are clearly defined. Only with the relevant professional degree, and pass the exam to get a tour guide card. There is no tour guide card staff can only be accompanied by tour guides, they did not bring a tourist team into the National Museum to explain the qualifications, only allowed to explain outside the museum gate. (Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: