For his point like 15 year old boy in Changxin, Zhu Xufei was elected Zhejiang virtue

Praise for his point 15 year old boy in Changxin Zhu Xufei was elected to the Zhejiang juvenile virtue recently, in 2016 the most beautiful Zhejiang · around the virtues of youth "award winners announced, from Huzhou Changxing County Jia Pu middle school Zhu Xufei was named" the most beautiful Zhejiang – around the virtues of youth". Zhu Xufei is Jia Pu junior high school (4) class of students, 10 years ago, Zhu Xufei’s father passed away due to illness, mother ran away from home, 5 year old Zhu Xufei and old grandmother and disabled uncle living together for many years, rely on subsistence living. But Zhu Xufei is very sensible, always do their best to reduce the burden of the family, what’s more, with hard work, his performance has been among the best. Has won the first prize in the Huzhou Science Olympiad, Changxing County poetry contest, such as two prizes and other good results. Study on he is someone else to next class example, whenever his seat is always surrounded by a bunch of students; in his life, it is a small volunteer, enthusiastic about public welfare, the use of spare time to participate in volunteer service. In April this year, held in Changxin in the fourth session of the Changxin, the virtues of youth in the selection of activities, Zhu Xufei in the selection of the activities of the show in the first place. "Zhu Xufei was after school the young pioneers brigade reportedly push, county shaogongwei office qualification examination, and the organizing committee after the screening, combined with Internet voting was voted on, really very good." The county relevant responsible person said, Zhu Xufei is a strong patriotic youth, although life is hard, but he is always optimistic self-confidence, self-reliance. Zhu Xufei said: "although I do not have a father and mother, but I do not feel I am different from others, because my grandmother very much love me. I also want to study hard, and then admitted to a good university, the future can be rewarded." It is understood that the Zhejiang province virtue youth contest has been held for four sessions, with great influence and appeal of primary and secondary schools in our province in the year of the young pioneers Series Theme Educational activities.相关的主题文章: