Focus on the construction of a new world of

Focus on the construction of a new world of Confucianism – Theory – the original title of the people’s Daily: efforts to build a new world of Confucianism (today’s focus) philosophy is always in response to the question of the continuous development of the times. Nowadays, the development of Confucianism is facing many must face the challenge of the times and should solve practical problems, dynamic and objective problems such as Eastern and western social modernization, multi value conflict between the eastern and Western society facing the new generation, modern state governance and diversification of international integration problems appeared in the process of economic globalization and market malignant interest competition, conflict between ecological crisis and the development of human civilization, human beings in the future direction and development orientation, etc.. In addition, from the religious doctrine, from the political system of the West criticism, is the external challenges to the development of Confucianism, Confucianism is a test of the wisdom and ability to resolve the contradictions. In the face of problems and challenges, we must enhance the sense of crisis and sense of urgency, and constantly promote theoretical innovation and moral practice, focus on the construction of the new world of Confucianism, positive impact of state and human development in society, promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the progress of human civilization. To maintain the core value of Confucianism, Confucianism, the return of the new, the first problem is to keep the "that" to maintain the core values of Confucianism, otherwise it is not true Confucianism, it is easy to go astray or even lost. The biggest characteristic of Confucianism is "the oneself and the people", advocating a return to the independence of Germany, the German, the creation of virtue, virtue, the virtue of tolerance differences, trust of germany. On this basis, in order to practice benevolence, righteousness, seek, which establish etiquette norms. Confucianism pays close attention to the value realization of people in society and pays attention to the positive side of human nature. Confucianism believes that "everyone can be the sage Shun", everyone here is also feasible, do not care about personal consciousness or not. Confucianism does not ask the effect, emphasizing self-reliance and then help people, self-improvement and then set up people, self-improvement and then people, stressed that the child is handsome, who dare not". Thus, Confucianism is a kind of virtue ethics, ethics is different from Aristotle in ancient Greece, ethics is different from contemporary American ethicist Mcintyre, but can not be called the relativist proposed role ethics. Some contemporary western scholars see China society pay attention to interpersonal relationships, and even the existence of vulgar relations phenomenon, that Confucianism is propitious to realize self interests relations as above all, the role of the adult form the highest or most basic. This is a kind of deconstruction and vulgarization of confucianism. In fact, Confucianism does not only emphasize the role of people in the organization, but also focuses on the formation of an independent individual family and then the formation of the state, emphasizing the collective and organizational independence. Confucianism focuses on sincerity, attention to human nature, the real expression of life experience and the value of life, especially to distinguish right from wrong, grasp the fate of choice. Confucianism stressed that the goal is not only to play a role, but also to face social relations in good faith. The role of ethics on the form and technique of people play a social role, Confucius said "Xiangyuan" is a successful role-playing, Confucius called "the thieves of virtue").相关的主题文章: