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Five express together "quanqian"? Listed aura VS – Sohu behind the contradiction between science and technology in Beijing on the evening of 27, blue express pass the bell in New York, became the father of Ali after the enterprise United States IPO. * (my elder brother)…… Fell badly, but also brush circle of friends earn enough to make a shot. Around October, SF, tact, Shen Tong, Tong market news, the daily courier brother, after also listed company employees, which in case of a little gold ESOP, minute millionaires, big brother feel orange of the eyes to see if they have changed. But ah, behind the scenery, the courier industry also have endless sadness, we express the industry also have endless sadness, you and courier what happened to the magic thing? Tucao, complaining or moved, remember to leave a message to say oh. (feel this comment must be very good) to read the comments before, serious child Brother Big Orange to give all the inventory, domestic express listed memorabilia, and then made a hundred, "quanqian" behind, are difficult to express and contradiction. Express listing memorabilia October 27, 12016 through express (ZTO) NYSE IPO, its stock price of $19.5 per share, higher than the $16.5 to $18.5 per share prospectus. The express pass in stocks to raise about $1 billion 400 million, issue 72 million 100 thousand shares, is the largest market in the United States so far this year, the scale of the IPO, is the largest IPO enterprise United States Alibaba. On the day of the opening price of $18.40, compared with $19.50 pricing opened more than 5%, then the stock price volatility fell, as closing at $16.57, down 15.03%. October 24, 22016 STO backdoor Edisi (002468) listing plan to get the Commission, the stock resume trading on October 25th. October 20, 32016, Yuantong Express (600233) officially landing A shares, becoming Chinese express industry’s first listed company, but its suits [-1.49% funding research report] to formally withdraw from the capital market stage of history. October 11, 42016 SF EXPRESS backdoor Ding Thai new material (002352) to get the listing plan approved by the commission. Yuantong express July 28, 52016 backdoor listing scheme dowin received by the commission. Rhyme express July 1, 62016 Xinhai shares (002120) backdoor listing, the proposed price of 17 billion 760 million yuan, the valuation of about 61 billion 800 million yuan. In June 17, 72016 the daily express in his official WeChat public news release, in March this year to set up a listing of the preparatory group, will be at the end of 8 months according to Shen Tong, SF, tact, backdoor listing, backdoor listing, listing decision choose three new board or board one of the way of innovation. Express CEO Zhang Hongtao revealed every day, this wall相关的主题文章: