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Finally, millet Meizu will soon be officially launched in the United States – Sohu science and technology guest comments: finally got his wish, see how the results in the end, the Americans will buy millet and Meizu account. In China, the two mobile phone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Meizu, are regarded as one of the largest manufacturers, and have achieved good results in India and other overseas areas. However, although millet and Meizu have always wanted to enter North America, but there is always no big breakthrough. Now, there’s new news at last. According to Android Central, a US based on T-Mobile virtual network operator US Mobile will be officially on sale of millet and Meizu’s four models, including millet 4I is priced at $219, about 1540 yuan; millet 3 price of $139, or about 920 yuan; 2 red rice is priced at $119, about 780 yuan; Charm Blue Note 2 is priced at $149, about 980 yuan. US Mobile founder and CEO Ahmed Khattak said, "all the time, American consumers have to buy expensive equipment.". Now, we will provide more choices for consumers while ensuring low consumption." It seems that millet and Meizu these two brands in the United States is synonymous with cost performance. Previously, the United States consumers can buy millet and Meizu mobile phones through parallel channels, but we know that parallel imports can not guarantee after-sales support. Now, US Mobile will provide consumers with one-year warranty. With the growth of domestic smart phone market slowing down, more and more mobile phone manufacturers go to sea to seek new opportunities, but entering the United States can not enter the emerging markets such as India easy, the patent problem is across the biggest gap between domestic manufacturers and the American dream. Previously, there was news that millet bought a lot of patents, perhaps this is to enter the United States to make investment. Anyway, Xiaomi Meizu is officially on sale in the United states. Even if the current millet and Meizu only get US Mobile this virtual operators support, but who dares to say that there will be no more opportunities? Pay attention to the official WeChat kekebat, get more wonderful information. (text Alice) Note: Ke guest original article, welcome to reprint and share, reprint please note the source.

总算如愿以偿 小米魅族即将在美国正式开售-搜狐科技   科客点评:终于如愿以偿了,看看成绩到底怎么样,美国佬会不会买小米和魅族的帐。      在国内,小米和魅族这两家手机厂商算得上数一数二的大厂了,在印度等海外地区也拿到了不俗的成绩。不过,虽然小米和魅族一直想进军北美地区,但始终没有太大突破。现在,终于有新消息了。   据Android Central报道,美国一家基于T-Mobile网络的虚拟运营商US Mobile将正式开售小米和魅族旗下四款机型,其中小米4i售价为219美元,约合1540元人民币;小米3售价为139美元,约合920元;红米2售价为119美元,约合780元;魅蓝note 2售价为149美元,约合980元 。   US Mobile创始人兼CEO Ahmed Khattak表示,“一直以来,美国消费者不得不购买那些昂贵的设备。现在,我们将在保证低消费的同时,为消费者提供更多的选择。”看来,小米和魅族这两大品牌在美国也是性价比的代名词。   此前,美国消费者可通过水货渠道购买到小米和魅族的手机,但大家知道,水货没办法保证售后支持。现在,US Mobile将为消费者提供一年保修。   随着国内智能手机市场增长不断放缓,有越来越多的手机厂商出海寻求新的机会,但进入美国可没有进入印度等新兴市场容易,专利问题就是横在国产厂商和美国梦之间最大的鸿沟。此前便有消息称小米购买了大量专利,或许这就是为进入美国做出的投资。不管怎么样,小米魅族总算是在美国正式开售了。就算目前的小米和魅族只得到了US Mobile这家虚拟运营商的支持,但是谁敢说以后就没有更多机会呢?关注科客网官方微信kekebat,获取更多精彩资讯。(文 Alice)   注:科客网原创文章,欢迎转载与分享,转载请注明出处。相关的主题文章: