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Feng Xiaogang: the new cast set wayward whole volume if the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Feng Xiaogang added: actor exacting standard of the whole volume out of Feng Xiaogang Feng Xiaogang yesterday and the true nature of A. The new film, "I’m not Pan Jinlian," hasn’t been released yet, and director Feng Xiaogang has started recruiting actors for the next movie. 10 am, Feng Xiaogang posted recruitment notices in the circle of friends, identified as "Youth" film starring recruitment, the requirements are as follows: "with professional singing level, female, 20-25 years old, looks outstanding, note: folk songs, bel canto pop singer can not, can play the piano, the whole volume of discussion. After the primaries Feng Dao interview. If you are the." At the end of the phone and e-mail. Among them, the most eye-catching is probably the whole volume of discussion this standard. Feng Xiaogang never taboo published their own views, not long ago, he attended harass the people and waste money held in Hainan a senior film talks on the roadshow has blasted way. Go back, a few such examples, therefore sent the nickname "cannon". As for the cosmetic issues, he was recently on a number of occasions bombarded the entertainment stars cosmetic phenomenon, even makeup, a brand of red net is very bad, claiming that if you encounter such a person to audition, please leave them directly. The recruitment of actors, he stressed that can not be cosmetic surgery, the attitude is quite clear. Just a few days ago, Ang Lee’s new film, "the battle of the battle of Billy," the premiere, but also with the master of the dialogue, a dialogue with the master of the on the other side of the world, and also a dialogue with the master of the dialogue, and the master of the dialogue, and also a master of the dialogue between the. Ang Lee said that the film frame using 4K 120 3D format shooting, actor has a little traces of fraud is not allowed, in all the actors of all elements of color appearance, because the lens is too clear, will capture the traces of make-up. Ang Lee also repeatedly expressed the hope that more people are willing to try this new technology in the media interview, do not only their own. I do not know whether the new film will echo Ang Lee’s vision of Feng Xiaogang? It is reported that the "New Youth" tells a story: in full of ideal and passion of the ensemble, a group of positive youth youth, experiencing growth in budding love. Simple good Liu Feng, because of the bad habits are collective discrimination He Xiaoping and Lin Dingding, Hao Shuwen, Chen Can and other emotional entanglement, intersection, life and be quite different and beyond all expectations, Feng Xiaogang is director of the age and love story. Screenwriter Yan Geling is a famous writer, she had worked with Zhang Yimou, Kaige Chen, Li Shaohong and other leaders have cooperation. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: