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Fawkes recording television programs insulted China   New York mayor: racism – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fawkes evil recording television programs insulted China New York mayor said: racist acts of evil: Fawkes TV host Waters interview in New York Chinatown chinese. Local time 6 days, including members of Congress, New York congressman, politicians, and representatives from a number of Chinese community, African American, Hispanic and other news in the United States Fawkes’s headquarters in Manhattan to protest, the program of a humiliating apology, and take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. On the evening of 3, Fawkes television news channel broadcast called "O’Reilly truth" of political commentary programs, including a host Waters interview video handheld microphone in Chinatown. In the video, a Chinese woman said she would not vote for Trump, and Waters immediately commented, "that China can continue to extort money from us". When he saw the Chinese selling watches on the street, he asked, "are these watches very good looking?" When asked about the elders to hold presidential candidates in the United States to see how English is not good, because the answer stumbles unclear when the program with old movie clips, the actress hysterically shouting:!! why don’t you speak Chinese! Show of mockery and ridicule provoked outrage, CBS, The Associated Press and other mainstream media all published criticism. "New York Times" reported on 6, New York city mayor Baisi Hao in the "Twitter" issued, the city can not tolerate Waters in Chinatown’s "evil racism", and called on Fawkes TV’s "don’t let him get on tv". Many Chinese lawmakers accused such television programs will intensify and encourage racial prejudice. Asian American Journalists Association issued a statement asking Fawkes to apologize. In the face of pressure, Waters expressed regret by the "Twitter" about the content, but insisted that the interview was an interesting joke. University of California at Los Angeles Asian American studies professor Takima Pina? 6 in an interview with U.S. media said that this video reflects the long-term existence of the American Society of anti Asian sentiment. She said that while the United States ridiculed the Chinese side, while secretly like Chinese humble courtesy. This view has always existed since the founding of the United states. [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Li Yong Zhen Xiang] (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章: