Fan Ye for the United States you know how much she is fighting-sweets parade

Fan Ye for the United States you know how much she is fighting? Today, you and Fan Bingbing 818 "Fan Ye" for the United States is how to spell! A lot of big production crew of the time in seconds, to save time and cost, usually at the Fan Bingbing road to the studio had to be deposited on the face mask. Elevator room, Fan Bingbing mask man? In particular, attracted attention. (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) is said to be "Fan Ye" can put 1000 year mad mask, as long as there is free will dressing up. This crazy facial mask made her more than and 30 as the 14 year old Wu Zetian also no pressure, although there are lights, late, makeup and other factors, but to deny people’s skin condition to play the girl has no sense of violation! Fan Ye originally is so tempered! See also really drunk! In fact, there is no skin care tips, that is, replenishment of water, and then replenishment, adequate moisture, other acne, out of oil, spots are not a problem. The root cause of all skin problems: lack of water! The replenishment of the most direct and effective way is to apply mask. Do you know what? If one day sooner or later the two mask for a week, the equivalent of doing a Photorejuvenation, a python. Why every day to mask it? From the dead the beginning. Cause of formation: dead skin cells from the basal layer division, goes up, die in the outermost layer; the process of continuous cell division, constantly, constantly death is The new supersedes the old. The dead cells will not fall off, piled up in the outer layer, the stratum corneum is dead skin layer. Scientists have developed 5 major disadvantages: 1 dead, dead, dead skin to make the skin dim and dark; 2 will break the formation of wrinkles; 3, melanin excretion not smooth, blocking the formation of pigmentation in the skin inside; 4, skin is too thick, nutrition can not enter into the cell; 5, the bacteria will multiply in the infected skin; the hair follicle, will grow blain; breed mites, will make the pores become larger. 5 bad skin, which one do you love? Clinical observation of scientists, mites like a tiny beetle crawled on your nose, chin triangle skin pores; so the mask, dissolve dead skin can be very good, remove a large population of bacteria and mites. The scientists found that every 3-4 days accumulate a layer of dead skin, suggest that we do a facial mask every 3-4 days; with the increase of age, The new supersedes the old. more slowly, on the face of the accumulation of dead skin faster, the mask frequency will become more and more, every 2-3 or every 1-2 days, or even every day. The 5 mask subtraction 1, drop dead, lost dim….. 2, lost lost skin, fine lines….. 3, lost dead, lost spots….. 4, lose lose bacteria, dead skin, acne….. 5, lost dead, lost mites, also lost large pores. The addition of 1, 2 mask because of lost skin cream into the skin, will repair cells and fibers. 2, put on tight,!相关的主题文章: