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Fan Market ignition: two for the fan with the cool summer essential tools, "swing wind" and "cool" is another name, whether it is a dignified appearance, Su Su such as pine son, or elegant, gentle light as chrysanthemum lady, the hand has its shadow. Modern air conditioning in the summer as a companion, the fan gradually lost its practical value, but has become a highlight of the quality and forced grid artifact. The recent period of river art market on a few handle fan, every moment is second light, visible fan of great charm. With a long history of the fan sleeve indecent, a very long history, variety, fan, fan, fan, fan…… The real collectors favor the identity, only two kinds of fan and fan fan; relatively speaking, more convenient to store and carry, so in today’s market, the most common or fan. Fan "Huai sleeve indecent alias, from the beginning of Ming Dynasty, the literati are loved and sought after. Fan fan bamboo, wood, ivory, tortoise shell, metal and other varieties, the fan is generally paper or silk, with calligraphy or landscapes flowers and birds painting theme. Starting from the fan itself, and the fan bag, shanzhui, fan boxes and other affiliated crafts. A fan is not only a cool tool, it is also a symbol of status and taste, the use of time is not limited to the summer, even in the cool season, can also come up with a fan with a fan, shanzhui. Whether it is Tang Bohu that the literati in the novel or casual and elegant bearing, martial arts or knight, is "a dream of Red Mansions" in pao-ch’ai Qingwen, even normal accountant, hands cannot do without a fan, called pendulum pose the artifact pose. The famous fan worthy of collection of historic and cultural charm full of fans, has become the object of today’s collectors favorite. Kam Po River Painting expert Yu Jianhua in Shanghai, Beijing and other places of the auction to some fans, he told reporters, now on the market of the Ming Dynasty into a fan, the fan is very scarce, the Qing Dynasty is not much, mainly in modern fan. A collection of fans, fan fan than good. Yu Jianhua said, relatively well as a fan fan often auction, and some products is poor, difficult to use the fan, can be drawn out fan mounted together as a single fan painting auction. In contrast, the fan more Collectible value. A fan is mainly composed of fan and fan, to judge the value of it, the most important is to look at the fan on the painting, then see a fan. The best choice famous paintings, such as the maritime school, as well as Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong, Zhang Daqian, Wu Hufan, Xu Beihong and other masters; fan is famous in the late Qing Dynasty, such as Yu Zian, a single shot is fan valuable; product material, process, frame phase also need to pay attention to, sometimes good than a fan fan it’s worth. "A lot of the auction catalogue presents only fan painting, do not introduce a fan, if there is understanding, have the opportunity to take the ordinary fan Jianlou, money to buy a good fan." Yu Jianhua said. The most worthy of collection, is of course the Fan Shan Gu are fine works. Fan often side side word painting, if both sides are famous works, plus the famous Shan Gu, three reported相关的主题文章: