Fan Bingbing pulled a bundle of hype Zhang Xinyu I live with

Pulling Fan Bingbing bundled hype? Zhang Xinyu: I live with dignity Tencent entertainment Fan Bingbing Zhang Xinyu appeared in the fashion week photograph has been compared, many critics called Zhang Xinyu in imitation of Fan Bingbing, which makes Zhang Xinyu can not endure. In October 7th, she made the classical speech fierce, "have you ever seen who every day holding someone to step on his foot by bundling it", "I do not accept you for me every day wearing the hat, hat is too high, the walk will be wrestling". And then she deleted the micro-blog, and he said, "Mom’s calling to educate, your positive message, I still see it, thank you." Zhang Xinyu micro-blog Original: who have you seen every day pulling others bundled, but also trample on their own feet? What’s the good for me? All I got was sarcasm and abuse, and it affected my job. Can you just let me write these news every day to disgust me without a backer? Unbridled, and finished, I do not respond positively to write every day, who is in strong pull others bundled together? There is a limit to man’s patience. I have been trying to improve my value, I can rely on myself, I live independent, free, dignified. I don’t accept the hat you wear to me every day. The hat is too high to walk and fall.

拉着范冰冰捆绑炒作?张馨予:我活得有尊严 腾讯娱乐讯 范冰冰张馨予现身时装周的照片又被对比了,许多评论称张馨予在模仿范冰冰,这让张馨予不能忍了。10月7日,她发文言辞激烈,“你们见过谁每天拉着别人捆绑还要顺带踩自己一脚的吗”、“本人不接受你们每天给我戴的帽子,帽子太高,走路会摔跤的”。随后,她删除该微博再发一条:“妈妈打电话来教育了,你们的正能量留言我还是看见了,谢谢。”张馨予微博原文:你们见过谁每天拉着别人捆绑还要顺带踩自己一脚的吗?我是得了什么好处?我得到的只有嘲讽和谩骂,还影响了我的工作。没有靠山就可以随便让你们一天天的写这些新闻来恶心我吗?肆无忌惮,还有完没完了,我不正面回应就天天写,是谁在强拉别人捆绑在一起?人的忍耐也有限度的。我一直在努力提升自身的价值,我能靠的就是自己,我活的独立自由有尊严。 本人不接受你们每天给我戴的帽子,帽子太高,走路会摔跤的。相关的主题文章: