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Face on the grade! About 300 thousand V6 B car engine that several Sohu automobile turbocharged engine is the moment many car of choice, most of the 30, 400 thousand cars, most of them will use 2.0T turbocharged engine. Indeed, the 4 cylinder small displacement turbocharged engine is a lighter, more explosive, but compared with the V6 engine, the latter in comfort, quiet and high speed power storage and distribution, have a better performance. Brick uncle believes, to some extent, V6 engine is more suitable for luxury cars! Comment: Geely B-ray uncle brick can be said to be one of the best domestic intermediate car, the vehicle design is very beautiful and excellent texture, let it get a very high degree of concern and good sales performance. At the same time, dingpei Borui is equipped with the 3.5L engine, is also the first domestic V6 engine on autonomous cars, this, unlike other models seckill. Brick comments: 2, tert Reiz 300 thousand interval, only a V6 engine + front drive transmission layout of the car, so many people say that it has a very good driving pleasure. In fact, in essence, is a household Reiz midsize sedan, dynamic layout that gives it more quiet and comfortable good. Comment: a lot of people buy a brick – Passat, generally will only consider the 1.4T 1.8T 2.0T the turbocharged version, but in fact, top with 3.0L models was the most consistent with location of the car business: no power hysteresis, comfortable and smooth. Brick review: Taurus is Changan’s first large sedan Ford, it has a very good configuration performance, while pricing is a little higher than the average level of the intermediate car. However, if your budget is enough, it is recommended that you buy this 2.7T V6 turbocharged models, not to say anything else, but 6.9s’s ability to accelerate the speed of one hundred kilometers, the spike of many opponents!相关的主题文章: