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Every day is very irritable? This small patch may improve your mood Thync Relax: to help you relax wearable equipment Tencent digital news (Ben) Thync first appeared in a year ago, is a main improvement of the emotional experience of the wearable device, with the advent of attracted widespread attention, when it is so. Is it like a piece of "aunt towel" on the head? In principle, it is actually pretty cool, is through the generation of transcranial direct current stimulation of the nerves, so that the brain to relax, to bring people comfortable, calm feeling. Recently, Thync has released the latest version of Thync Relax, improved design, and reduce the stimulation, in turn will experience focused on alleviating the pressure, concentration, to allow people to quickly calm down. Thync Relax current state is still relatively mysterious, in addition to a few foreign media trial, there is not much video data. However, there are several aspects worthy of recognition. First, the improved design. The aunt towel had posted on the forehead "(which is also the need for an additional extension attached to the back of the neck), a design of a similar type of collar, wearing experience straight up. Like the black demonstrates, now Thync Relax can be easily worn around the neck, similar to the Samsung and LG headset products, electrical transmission can better fit the middle part of the neck skin, to achieve better results. Even if the neck is bigger, Thync Relax won’t fall off. As for the actual effect, transcranial direct current (TDCS) effect is very obvious. You don’t need coffee, alcohol, or any medicine, you can relax and have no harm to the body. The Thync Relax power generation unit is actually a small box connected to the neck device via a cable. Users can use smart phones to connect the host, through the application of control to the electrical strength, time, etc.. Digitaltrends edit field trial, at first a slight tingling, but not uncomfortable; after five minutes, feeling the brain becomes clear, thinking more agile, the original is completely without sleep. In addition, Thync Relax is likely to add more preset mode in the future, to achieve a different experience. Thync Relax from the market is still a period of time, tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2017. Source: digitaltrends相关的主题文章: