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UnCategorized An industrial automation solution provider is part of a special class of .panies. Their whole reason for existence is to provide solutions, obviously, but in doing so they need to have a broad base of expertise in manufacturing operations and the technology that can contribute to its optimization. In order for these .panies to be successful in plying their trade they must be independent entities, able to piece together automation products from many different suppliers to build an automation solution that best meets the needs of a client .pany. Independence is an important part of characteristic of the industrial automation solution provider. When hired by a client .pany to evaluate processes, the industrial automation solution provider must not be grafted into the automation products of any manufacturer. Their solution should be independent to give an unbiased and optimum solution to the client. The process of hiring such a .pany to optimize the manufacturing operations of any given business is a .plicated chore for any business. It does not matter if the hiring .pany is very experienced in outsourcing for automation or the .pany is doing it for the first time, this task can be daunting for any .pany. There are a series of thoughts and questions that a manufacturer might use to help them in the process of getting the right industrial automation solution provider for their project. Most of these are practical, .mon sense thoughts that get to the heart of whether the industrial solution provider is best for a business. It is a good idea for a hiring .pany to find out why they should hire a given industrial automation solution provider over others that are their .petitors. A good answer to this question lies in the areas of professionalism, technical ability, automation application knowledge, and industry proficiency. An industrial automation provider has professionalism if they have a well-defined set of well ordered processes that they use to approach the definition of and implementation of an automation solution. This includes going into very fine detail about what the expectations of the hiring .pany are as they relate to the automation project. This means the provider will get everything that is required down on paper at the beginning of the project to have the client .pany sign off on what has to be done and what is expected. There is a definite order to the tasks that are required, but there can be adjustments made, if required, during the project life. As an option it might be a good idea for the hiring .pany to sign off on each stage of the automation project as it is .pleted by the provider. It would be an excellent idea for a hiring .pany to have prepared a written list of expectations that would be required of the provider in the implementation of the automation project prior to the start of the project. Technical ability is acquired by the staff of a provider by having direct experience with the capabilities of machines from several suppliers of equipment. This knowledge sometimes .es from having worked with one or or more vendors or from the successful installation of machine models in previous automation projects. This characteristic is quite closely akin to industry proficiency. Both require that employees have knowledge of automation equipment models and what each model can do in an automation application. Automation application knowledge is the ability to know where to look to for the right machines to do the task at hand, as part of the overall automation solution. This helps to attach different pieces of equipment together to create an optimum solution for the client .pany. Most solution providers are willing to use the right equipment to get the right optimum solution for a client if that is what is necessary to get the job done right. Because of this the suppliers of automation equipment make efforts to design their equipment so that it can be easily integrated with equipment that is supplied by other .panies. From the viewpoint of the hiring .pany the hiring of an solution provider is easier if the provider does not have proprietary connections to equipment suppliers. It is thought that the solution that is provided by this .pany will be unbiased and can be more easily optimized if any equipment can be considered to be included by the the provider. A lot of the smaller industrial automation providers would not have such a direct connection to suppliers, so they might be a best option for a hiring .pany if they have the right expertise and can deliver what is expected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: