Europe and the United States Department of PFP Skoda sedan Octavia Buick Hideo (video) mp7a1

The environmental friendly Skoda sedan Octavia contrast Buick Hideo compact market of Europe and the United States not only by the erosion of the SUV market, and the independent brand intermediate car chase, another joint intermediate car low allocation models through dealers price concessions, often also entered the price range. This will make the compact market there are many models optional more and more fierce competition, the Skoda Octavia compared with Buick Hideo, look at the two station is very close to the positioning models each have a kind of magic weapon. The new Skoda Octavia front adjustment – why is a stronger sense of movement in their duel? I know that there is a considerable part of the user is determined not to buy a Japanese car, but need to choose a compact car in its price, and has a mass after Skoda Octavia (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is undoubtedly a typical German, and good reputation of the Buick Hideo also in compact models have a seat. In addition, the two cars, whether it is a brand or model gives a calm and pragmatic image, which makes it easy to fall into the trap of buying. – space? A significant increase in the size of the new Skoda Octavia appearance than the previous generation models, and use the MQB platform in space also have good performance. Compared with the Buick Hideo, both in space were basically on the same level, have reached the same level of good quality. As for the seat design, as a seasoned public team, already can not reveal any flaws, in place of the support seat fitting degree is quite good, but the main driving position with electric adjustment of the lumbar support, can relieve the fatigue of long-distance driving. However, the back of the uplift will affect the comfort to a certain extent. As for Hideo, compared to seat will be even more thin, but in the fit and human engineering aspects of care as well, then all the basic level of the State Line platform will let the rear passengers a better travel experience. – whose configuration is more comprehensive? Due to the comparison test of the Buick Hideo not top models, in contrast to our configuration, Buick Hideo top with reference to the fair. Configuration comparison models Octavia 280TSI DSG statue line version of Hideo 18T dual clutch flagship movement before the head airbag (gas curtain) – Rear – head airbags (curtain) – – keyless entry system – – – – lumbar support adjustment (optional xenon xenon halogen lamp xenon halogen headlights) – test drive experience: all aspects of the taste of power, EA211 1.4T turbocharged engine equipped with Skoda Octavia, maximum power of 110kW (150PS) 5000rpm, maximum torque of 250Nm 1750-3000rpm, with matching is 7 speed dual clutch gearbox; and Buick Hideo is also equipped with a 1.4T turbocharged engine, maximum power 106kW (144PS) 4900-6000rpm, maximum torque of 200Nm 1700-4800rpm, matched with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. In the parameter of view, Skoda Octavia will be slightly dominant. From the actual experience, the data can really be true)相关的主题文章: