East Asia deploys anti missile preparations to destroy the North Korean satellite before the Spring www.44fang.com

Before the Spring Festival, East Asia launched anti missile preparations to destroy February 3rd, and South Korean people watched TV reports about North Korea launching satellites at Seoul railway station. The DPRK announced plans to launch satellites to the outside world in 2, causing a new round of tension in East Asia before the spring festival. The United States with a "highly provocative" to describe the planned launch, "said quickly clear strong message sent to North Korea; South Korea says North Korea announced plans to launch a satellite is the actual launch of a long-range missile, if North Korea to promote the plan will pay a painful price". Japan even claims to shoot down any missiles that threaten Japanese territory". North Korea had previously launched 4 rockets, and successfully launched the satellite into orbit in December 2012. North Korea announced the launch of the satellite program, which was considered "intolerable" by the United States, Japan and South Korea, because the launch was less than a month from the explosion of the "hydrogen bomb". The United Nations is still discussing how to sanction North korea. While some countries for sanctions against North Korea is apparently "ulterior motives". The US Assistant Secretary of state Russell said, in the latest statement is to "oppose more sanctions on countries towards a slap in the face". In this regard, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on the 3, it is in the six party talks stalled, relevant countries blindly advocate pressure and sanctions for North Korea, began the nuclear testing and nuclear test and again. In this sense, North Korea did hit the country with a slap in the face. "Whose face is this slap on the face? Who knows it?"".

朝鲜卫星搅动春节前东亚 日本部署反导准备摧毁 2月3日,韩国民众在首尔火车站观看有关朝鲜发射卫星的电视报道。   朝鲜2日向外界宣布发射卫星的计划,在春节来临前的东亚搅起了新一轮的紧张。   美国用“高度挑衅”来形容朝鲜的发射计划,称应“迅速向朝鲜发出明确的强硬信息”;韩国称,朝鲜宣称的卫星发射计划实际就是发射远程导弹,朝鲜若推进该计划将付出“惨痛代价”。日本甚至宣称要“击落任何威胁日本领土的导弹”。   朝鲜此前曾4次发射火箭,并于2012年12月成功发射卫星进入轨道。朝鲜宣布发射卫星计划被美日韩认为尤其“不可容忍”,因为此次发射距它试爆“氢弹”还不到一个月。   联合国目前仍在就如何制裁朝鲜进行讨论。而有些国家对于制裁朝鲜显然是“醉翁之意不在酒”。美国助理国务卿拉塞尔竟称,朝最新声明是给“反对对朝实施更多制裁的国家一记耳光”。   对此,中国外交部发言人陆慷3日表示,恰恰是在六方会谈陷入停顿、有关国家一味主张施压和制裁的呼声中,朝鲜开始了核试验并一次次进行了核试验。从这个意义上讲,朝鲜确实打了有关国家一记耳光。“这个耳光打在谁的脸上,谁心里清楚”。相关的主题文章: