Due to the presence of air bags hidden danger Zhejiang recall 56121 cars barcarolle

The airbag kept hidden Zhejiang pride 56121 recall problem cars before the Zhejiang pride (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd according to the "Regulations" management of defective automobile product recall request, to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the decision since October 14, 2016, recall the following parts of the car, a total of 56121 vehicles. (a) some 2015 models of automobile production during the period from May 12, 2015 to September 10, 2015, a total of 16664; (two) part of the 2015 GX9 auto production during the period from May 14, 2015 to September 10, 2015, a total of 557; (three) from May 6, 2015 to September 2015 19 between the date of production of parts 2014, 2015 GC7 cars, totaling 38900 vehicles. The scope of the recall part of the vehicle due to the supplier of high field manufacturing reasons, the collision sensor abnormal work. In extreme cases, there may be air bag warning light, airbag or vehicle to blew initiation conditions without detonating, there are security risks.相关的主题文章: