Driver toilet paper block license plate, high speed road reversing was recorded 24 points-winavi

The driver’s toilet paper blocks the license plate, and the road is backed down. The 24 minute picture is provided by the high-speed traffic police on the highway, missed the lane, and the driver drives back on the highway. This is not even, maybe it is found that there are monitoring devices on the road, the car also came down three adults, paper towels affixed to the car number plate…… About 8:33 in the morning of February 12th, a plate of "Shaanxi A2053×" white SUV in Chengya high speed Lane Chengle position. The car began to reverse soon after crossing the road. Cheng Yun high speed traffic police brigade police introduced, after a short paragraph, the driver seems to have found the road surveillance video, and then down the car two women and a man, wet paper towels, the license plate was blocked. The passengers under the guidance of the car back into the lane, and Chengle ramp. A traffic police brigade into Ya high, said the query to the owner information, traffic police will inform the owners have "on the highway reversing" and "deliberately block the motor vehicle license plate" two violations, the driver will be subject to 24 points, a fine of 400 yuan penalty. Chengdu Business Daily reporter lock Qian Cheng responsible editor: Xu Tong SN155

驾驶员卫生纸遮挡号牌高速路上倒车被记24分 图片由高速交警提供   高速公路上,错过了分道口,驾驶员竟在高速公路上倒车。这还不算,也许是发现了路段上有监控设备,车上还下来了三名成年人,将纸巾贴在了汽车号牌上……   2 月12日上午8点33分左右,一辆号牌为“陕A2053×”的白色越野车出现在成雅高速分道成乐高速的位置。该车开过分道口后,很快开始倒车。成雅高速交 警一大队民警介绍,倒了一小段之后,驾驶员似乎是发现了该路段有监控视频,随即车上下来了两名女子和一名男子,用水打湿纸巾将车辆号牌进行了遮挡。在下车 乘客的指引下,该车倒回至分道口,并驶入成乐高速匝道。   成雅高速交警一大队民警称,查询到车主信息后,交警将告知车主有“在高速公路上倒车”和“故意遮挡机动车号牌”两项违法行为,驾驶员将受到记24分、罚款400元的处罚。   成都商报记者 锁千程 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: