Dong Mingzhu was removed from GREE group chairman only in GREE appliance

Dong Mingzhu was removed from the GREE group chairman for Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 11th evening news, only in the GREE this afternoon, media sources said "notice concerning Comrade Dong Mingzhu removed from a Zhuhai SASAC confirmed. GREE vice president, the Secretary of the board of directors looking east to Sina today confirmed that Dong Mingzhu has indeed retired chairman of GREE group, but the chairman of the board of directors of listed companies such as GREE did not change. For Dong Mingzhu to step down, GREE group propaganda department staff said it is to verify the superior. Wang Jing Dong did not answer questions about Dong Mingzhu stepped down as the cause of the problem, but GREE said it will release announcement. The day before, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial organization department, the provincial supervision department, the SASAC jointly issued "on promoting the state-owned enterprise leaders honest practitioners prohibit illegal part-time notice", a comprehensive specification of part-time leading personnel of state-owned enterprises, efforts to prevent conflicts of interest. Analysis of the industry, Dong Mingzhu dismissed the chairman of GREE group or with the matter. Dong Mingzhu in 1990 to enter the GREE office business manager, because the business ability protruding from the beginning in 1994 have served as Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd operating the Department of secretary, deputy general manager, vice chairman of the board, and in May 2012 was appointed chairman of GREE group. GREE group has not yet announced the selection of the new chairman.相关的主题文章: