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UnCategorized With all the different gaming consoles .ing out over the last few months, it seems like before you buy ONE, five more .e out. A lot of people are annoyed by this because the newer gaming console is better than the one they bought. They can’t take it back because it’s used. They don’t want to give it away because, well, why would you give something away for free that you spent YOUR hard earned money on?!? There is another way of going about this and you can actually sell the item for real money – free classifieds. With a classified ads site, you can post free ads for your gaming console with description, prices and pictures and find people looking for the gaming console you are selling! Here is one just for an example: "Awesome condition 120 GB PlayStation 3 slim: I’m selling a superior condition ps3 slim 120gb also .es with 7 games which are: Need For Speed Carbon Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Call Of Duty World At War Grand Theft Auto IV Resistance Fall Of Man Soul Calibur IV Motor Storm Accessories that are included are: Official Vertical Stand Dual Shock 3 controller USB charging cable DVI To HDMI cable Controller Grip+joystick Rubber Grip all original cables that are included in the system If you would like, you can also have the original box and documents." As you can see this is a USED, but good conditioned PS3. This seller is even including a few extras because he really wants to get rid of them. Probably because he wants to buy a 360 – just kidding! This guy is selling his for $260. Of course it isn’t the FULL price of the original price he bought it for, which was probably around $300, but you have to take into consideration that it is used. You too, could post free ads selling your gaming console. You can either ship it to the person that buys it or you could do it locally and then everyone wins! In fact, local ads seem to get more "luck" than ads that are not local. I think the reason behind this is because people would rather not have to pay shipping and handling or wait around for the postal mail to drop the gaming console off. They want it right now, right away. Either way, if you have a Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft or any other gaming console (or even just video games), posting free ads on a classified ad sites is the way to go! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: