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Don’t boast smart kids – Sohu whenever and wherever possible maternal in daily life, we always see this phenomenon, some parents or teachers always praise him in front of the children smart, good grades, often feel praise children can make children smarter. But mom and dad or teachers often praise the child in the end how much can bring to the child? [praise the child clever may harm the famous psychologist C. Dweck of Stanford University in 90s showed that young children] praised clever child, slowly will become love to compete with others very much. And, in the face of difficulties, the children do not want to accept the challenge. Mainly because the children are afraid of failure, others feel stupid, choose not to try to find an excuse for themselves. And from the young to accept the right people do not praise the child will be more efforts to seek progress. They also prefer to accept challenges. These children are more capable and emotionally stable. The United States Columbia University Dr. Carol · dwek and Claudia · Miller was studied on the fifth grade students, their study population is due to be praised for intelligence and learning efforts by two students praise. In the study found that, when successful, because the intelligence praised by the children feel that their success is mainly due to their own very smart, if you fail to feel that they are not smart enough. However, when those who study hard and praise the children fail, they will feel that their lack of effort in getting things done, so in the future, students will be more likely to "cheer up, continue to work hard". How to correctly guide the child? In the current Chinese education on the road, people want to compete, the examination to be ranked, these are inevitable. Mom and dad want to do is to correctly guide the child, let the child have the right attribution ability: to let them learn to attribute. Tell your child to do things, to be responsible, let the children do their best. Praise and criticism of others, what is the thing in people, which is very important for the growth of children. Praise the child is clever, in fact, with the child said his own characteristics. Do the same thing in children, "smart" the praise will let the child attributed their success to their own innate qualities, rather than their effort in doing this job, and maintain a level, which is called "the wrong". When we praise the child, the child understands the praise of the adult. Praise the child clever, or that the child is stupid, will let the child slowly to the success or failure of a thing are attributed to their innate qualities, rather than their own efforts and the characteristics of a thing itself. If a child is often praised clever, but in doing something when compared to other people’s words, it will make the child feel that he is no longer smart. I am not smart, mom and dad will like me? Children will slowly begin to deny themselves, a long time may have unexpected consequences. take相关的主题文章: