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Health What is this growing talk about wellness – is it some hippy movement from the 1960’s that the aging baby boomer population are trying to resurrect to prevent them from getting old and losing their youth? First in order to understand what wellness means, we must first understand health and illness. In today’s economy billions of dollars are spent globally on Healthcare by all of us. Healthcare is really an incorrect term to describe the services we are paying for because the business of healthcare is really devoted to treating diseases and should be labeled a "sickness treatment system". You would think that with all the doctors, drugs, procedures, treatments, tests, surgeries, and dollars that we would all look great, feel great, and stay active and vibrant. But, in reality the health of so many people is spiraling downward and ultimately out of control. Close to half of the world’s population now suffers from at least one chronic disease and many more suffer multiple diseases with the impact on health and quality of life being devastating. Most of these diseases are what are called "lifestyle" diseases and are totally preventable. Two thirds of us are also struggling with being overweight or obese including children and many others feel lousy and are tired much of the time. How could we have we let our health slip away like this? We are now facing the need for a deep shift in our thinking after years of only acknowledging sickness and symptoms rather than promoting wellness and finding causes. There is now an urgent need for all of us to take greater personal responsibility for our own health and well-being. We need to move from a "sickness/reactive" to "wellness/preventative" approach. Once of the most important steps one can take to stay well is to perform a proper exercise program that contains at least 60% strength training exercise throughout ones life. There are many benefits to strength training, among them improved strength and endurance, an increase in your metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel) helping you maintain a healthier body weight and body .position, an increase in bone density, and a reduced risk of injury through building better balance, flexibility, mobility and stability. Strength training also helps improve your stamina and sense of well-being. Stronger muscles and joints can have a significant impact on posture, and leaner, toned muscles give you confidence in your appearance. You will look and feel so much better you will think you are dipping into your own fountain of youth. No other type of exercise can give you all of these benefits so don’t waste your time doing low intensity activities like walking or cycling etc. These activities are great to add to an active lifestyle but can never ever replace a proper exercise program. The time has .e to make a choice as to which side you want to be on, wellness or sickness. You can either choose to actively seek out solutions such as making sure you have enough of the right physical activity in your life and improving your diet with more natural whole foods with minimal processing. If you choose not to make a decision at all the choice may well be made for you by the financially motivated food, chemical and drug .panies or the profit driven medical establishment. There is danger around threatening to suck the life energy from us until sickness finally catches up and overwhelms us. Wellness is the opposite with people voluntarily seeking out ways to make their lives healthier and reduce the risk of sickness, disease and accelerated aging. This is like your own fountain of youth and you will be surprised and delighted about how much control you will finally have over the quality of both your health and your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: