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Department of transportation: adjust the taxi money – Sohu news as an important supporting rules, deepen the reform of the taxi industry yesterday, the Ministry of transport announced the newly revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". Two clear, whether it is the traditional parade taxi driver or network booking taxi drivers are required to obtain the qualification certificate by the national and regional public subject examination by the competent authorities, and taxi administrative registration qualification, be engaged in the taxi service. Two regulations will be implemented in October 1st this year and in November 1st. Keywords exam qualification management regulations public subject and subject area of the Beijing Morning Post reporter found that the revised "taxi driver qualification regulations" on the scope of a clear, taxi driver qualification including cruise taxi driver qualification and network reservation taxi driver qualification, and combined with the characteristics of network about cars the new format, on the driver’s condition, the content of the examination, certificate type, registration management, continuing education and other aspects of legal liability has made the corresponding adjustment. The provisions clearly, the Ministry of transportation is responsible for guiding the national taxi driver qualification management. Taxi driver qualification examination including national public and regional subjects examination. Cruising taxi driver qualification examination is regional knowledge test with regional characteristics of the local taxi service management policies and regulations, regional geography and traffic routes; network reservation taxi driver qualification examination area is intellectual test area requirements for local taxi policy. Keywords driver age over 3 years without drunk driving records for the application in taxi driver qualification examination of the driver, the "provision" is also clear: the need to obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record recently, 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record. At the same time, there is no record of violent crimes and other conditions required by the people’s Government of the city. Only meet the above conditions, can take the relevant materials to participate in the examination. In addition, only to obtain the qualification certificate of the taxi driver, and the taxi administrative departments in charge of registration, before engaging in taxi passenger service. Taxi driver qualification registration valid for 3 years. If you obtain a certificate of qualification for more than 3 years did not apply for registration, registration before the need to complete the work of not less than 27 hours of continuing education. Keywords accountability unlicensed maximum penalty of 30 thousand yuan in the "provision" clearly, for the driver, there is way Shuaike or intentional detour; do not carry road transport permits, qualification certificate in accordance with the provisions of the parade; taxi drivers refusing, or without consent, about car taxi drivers or passengers booking network without justifiable reasons according to the commitment to "相关的主题文章: