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Decoration can not save money in these 5 areas or regret too late! [introduction] Chu Home Furnishing for ordinary wage earners, buy a house is not easy, pay the down payment after the hand is tight, in the decoration of the time want to save point to power, what are cheap, the occupancy was too late for regrets. Renovation of the house is not temporary, after the house decoration is generally very few re decoration, therefore, some places can not save money must be attached importance to. Renovation of these places are not allowed to save the province, electricity related materials are now almost all households are inseparable from the use of electrical appliances, not only that, but also increasing electricity consumption. Therefore, such as wire loop, related to some of the switches and sockets, which not only can not be saved, but also through a very careful planning, in order to start wiring and implementation! Two, water supply and drainage shall not have family related materials now cannot do without convenient water, such as water pipes, water valve, faucet, these are to be used in everyday life, the best choice of suitable and handy products. The old house to measure water pressure, so as not to affect the quality of life. Three, doors and windows shall not in the city, each road in commuting time is often going around, not to mention the downtown racket, unstoppable ~ at this time "window", has become the key point to influence the indoor comfort. View the neighborhood streets, when necessary, insulation windows don’t, or can be expected after the arrival, there will be free "type car stereo surround sound" shock to enjoy. Province should not be four, waterproof material is too important, once you want to save the cost of waterproof materials, you can first imagine the bathroom and the kitchen light seepage, but the use of inconvenience, affecting their quality. But even more frightening is that the old house renovation of the water is not good, the East and West neighbors also caused leakage leakage problems, unnecessary trouble. Province should not be five, painting products modern people not only pay attention to aesthetics, but also focus on healthy non-toxic home environment. If the home will be used to surface coating paint, including paint, latex paint, wood paint and so on, suggestions are to choose brands and products, do not think to take advantage, it runs the risk of long term effect of family health. Home improvement fund allocation focus 1, heavy living room light bedroom. Small hall in the form of more and more, it may wish to invest more in the living room, the bedroom decoration to spend less. Decoration of the living room is the most important to reflect the characteristics of the family, the roof, walls, pulp processing is not only the quality to be high, the material is better, but also to improve the decoration techniques. In the distribution of furniture and accessories with Jun, the living room share should be the largest in the entire budget. On the contrary, bedroom decoration and decoration to simple, warm, not too much carving. 2, the difference between the top surface, wall, ground. At present Home Furnishing room clear height generally relatively low, about 2.5 ~ 2.8m, in order not to have a sense of depression, the top of the room should be handled in a simple. Wall decoration is also simple enough. This saves money, the effect is better. For the decoration of the ground will take time, because the quality of decorative materials and Yan相关的主题文章: