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De Shuai run power first clear division of labor law! The Rockets playing sports Farewell – Sohu > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing October 9th, 2016 NBA China opener in Shanghai Mercedes Mercedes Benz cultural center started against both the Houston rockets and New Orleans pelicans team. The Rockets finished, thrilling 123-117 victory over the pelican. Since 2012, he served as the team leader of the Rockets Haddon, the team was completely turned into a famous gun brigade alliance. In the past 4 seasons, the Rockets offense is fierce, three shots always hold high the forefront, but due to lack of offensive and defensive organized, intermittent control, this trait, let them play as often as the roller coaster ups and downs. But this summer, with Howard’s departure, de Anthony became the new coach after the construction team idea has been further straighten out the rocket. The new season, the Rockets still will run to the end. But this time, the Rockets who control the ball, the responsibilities of the players inside and outside the line is what kind of problem, but there is a clearer framework. Before the season before the 2 war, the rocket attack side are crazy under more than 130 minutes. And today’s game, this crazy attack situation, did not weaken. First, one thing is for sure, as long as the new season, harden the presence of time, he will be the master of the rocket, and responsible for the team’s offensive. Before the two goals, Harden did not let the coach team disappointed, he made an effort to revitalize the rocket attack, 2 assists have more than 10 times. The bearded, passing efficiency continues, scored 15 assists. When the whole team is on the run, he can stand up and score. And next to harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon and Ariza will be the fire outside the main point. The first 2 games, Anderson and Ariza three point shots, although the hit rate is not high, but because the location is quite clear, they will try to create opportunities for open space to attack, Harden pass, and once the ball fell to his hands, shot two people than in the past but also the. Gordon into the starting, partly due to Beverly’s injury. It should be pointed out that it is only from the projection point of view, Gordon is more than happy good efficiency. Today’s game, Gordon three points and 10 in 5, the final moments of the two three pointers, more directly to the director of reverse play. But inside, whether young Cappella, or veteran Nene, their character is also clear, in addition to the protection of the backboard, besides routine tasks guarding the basket. When attacking, they are more frequent to harden a cover, ready to open at the same time, received a large basket ready to pass on the beard. As for the other role players, everyone in the debut, the train of thought is very clear, that is, attack speed, decisive shot. Do everything possible to seize opportunity, achieve points. Indeed, in the past few years, the rapid attack has been the Rockets win the magic weapon. However, how not to play blind, how to achieve decisive and efficient, you can say that these problems, until the German Anthony took office, it has finally cracked the trace相关的主题文章: