Daniel Wu as the United States election ballot, he voted for Trump or Hilary windjview

Daniel Wu as the United States election ballot, he voted for Trump or Hilary? Since the Observer reported the United States presidential election, the Hollywood star join canvassing news It is often seen. However, when our male god Daniel Wu stood out, Xiao Bian was surprised! Who do you guess he voted for? In November 5th, Daniel Wu in the personal Instagram upload votes, saying that the ballot has been ready to vote"! He also called on all residents in the United States are involved in the "most important vote", "don’t you also can turn the none of my business!" Daniel Wu was born in San Francisco, USA, 23 years old, after graduating from college to Hongkong. Voting rights is no problem, you can light a ballot how to meet the curiosity of the crowd! The comment asks a question everyone wants to know – who did he vote for? Eat melon masses have stand Trump, however, a lot of friends such as @elite1513 also said, ask someone who is not polite. Who knows, Daniel Wu actually reply in the comments! "It’s all right, you can say.". I voted for Hilary, and I was surprised to see so many Chinese American pink Trump. Because he hates China and wants to impose trade restrictions on china." Daniel Wu suddenly open to Hilary such a canvassing, comments instantly exploded: @elite1513: I remember when I was young, my parents asked who they would vote for, the answer is "mind your own business"! Well, at least you go to the polls, not sitting. @jameshuang_sh: very surprised to see Chinese support Hilary. Take a look at the pro democracy bill, and if Hilary comes on stage, the Chinese must be the biggest victim. @ms.flowerli: I can shoot Obama?相关的主题文章: