Create craftsmen how to modern apprenticeship apprenticeship — Society — ca1816

Create a "craftsman": how to "modern apprenticeship apprenticeship" — Society — Ji’nan two machine tool group master Sun Zhuang (left) to the apprentice is Marin demonstration, pre intermediate gear wheel fastening bolts.   Xu Shijun perturbation Han Wei chose to Ji’nan two Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., the origin of an egg. Time back to the spring of 2012, Han Wei intended to suggest, enter the right university. However, just a few days before the sports test, his arm hurt, hoping to fall. Han Wei downhearted. They spend their time online. He opened a Ji’nan two machine tool group workers turning "car" egg Video: a raw egg is fixed on the machine rack, turning slowly close, bared bared – – "car", began turning egg. After a while, egg shell are ring "car" in a circle, a worker with the hand carefully put the egg shell ripped off the tail, the soft egg is not broken, wrapped in egg white and yolk looming. Han Wei’s eyes lit up, all eyes looked at it several times. In those days, he learned how to learn such a technique. Later learned that Jinan Vocational College has a two Ji’nan machine tool group tailored to the mechanic class – CNC machine tool installation and commissioning. However, can learn to learn, Han Wei was still playing the drums. He knew that now undergraduate students find work hard, read a vocational school, not necessarily learn skills, graduates may also be unemployed. In the end, when the parents can not do white-collar blue collar persuasion, Han Wei holding a try mentality, apply for the class. Even into the school, the initial concern is still lingering in the minds of Han wei. One and a half years later, entered the Ji’nan two machine tool group practice, theory and practice of the collision, the master apprentice taught, oral teaching that inspires true understanding within, Han Wei grows up quickly. Han Wei is now a group of workers in Ji’nan two Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. press and slider slider. One year, he often went to the FAW Volkswagen, the Great Wall automobile and other auto manufacturers to install and debug stamping equipment. "Cannot have a tiny bit of mishap, debugging some equipment or even one hundred percent accurate, like in the lathe ‘car’ egg, no one will be wasted." Han Wei seems to have been an old hand". An egg directed Han Wei to choose a modern apprenticeship, and the modern apprenticeship system also makes Han Wei confident. Modern apprenticeship is the whole process of school and enterprise to participate in the training of prospective employees. It is a modern occupation education of the mantle, and the traditional master apprentice shadow, the core is the enrollment recruitment integration, school enterprise integration education. August 2015, the Ministry of education identified 165 units as a modern apprenticeship pilot units and industry pilot units. Among them, Ji’nan two machine tool group to become the only one selected enterprises in Shandong. The Ji’nan two machine tool group and Jinan Vocational College in 2012 to start the construction of the order has been the prototype of modern apprenticeship system. Recently, the reporter walked into the two units, as a modern education system to promote the reform and innovation of vocational education, how to feel the stones across the river, to promote the depth of integration of production and education, school and enterprise相关的主题文章: