Construction of natural gas pipeline explosion dug more than 2000 households affected by Chongqing U superrecovery

Natural gas pipeline construction accidentally dug burst Chongqing University city of more than 2000 households affected (Figure) – the new network for the processing of natural gas with a water gun fire brigade leak site. Qin Xihao photo Beijing, Chongqing, September 20, (Qin Xihao Zhong Yi) 20 reporter learned from the fire department in Chongqing, the same day at 11 am, in Chongqing city Shapingba District University City District Hong Tin Man City construction site, digging construction work in a gas pipeline Waduan, blast rushed out of two meters high, the accident caused around 2000 more than households stop gas. We do not understand the construction of buried gas pipeline below, excavator construction work, only to hear a loud noise, a gas jet about 2 meters out, ears only hear the sound of gas injection." Participating in the construction of the workers revealed that the odor of gas leaked the scene make people very uncomfortable, 10 meters away can smell. Hogye fire brigade fire brigade and police arrived at the scene immediately after the evacuation of the surrounding masses, the fire brigade erected barrier gun dilution gas concentration, to prevent the occurrence of explosion. According to the scene of the fire brigade introduction, far to see a violent gas out, close to the scene of the first feeling very strong smell of gas, plus the pipeline pressure, jet sound very loud, turn off the gas in the Gas Co after the short almost deaf ears, once out of control, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, but fortunately did not happen until the crisis scene accident. It is understood that the accident caused more than 2000 residents around the site to stop gas, life is affected. As of press time, the supply of natural gas is orderly recovery.相关的主题文章: