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Cologne delicacy map, grilled steak taste authentic those Cologne Cologne is a Sohu – tourism can not buckle the enjoyment of the city of Goods are available in all varieties. idle away in seeking pleasure. Travel, eat something, then in Cologne? If you want a real treat, it will take a little time out, because from beer to Rhine sauerbraten, who had many authentic taste of Cologne, today Xiaobian grilled a steak Cologne that the taste of the tongue. "Kö"; lsch is the only language in the world!" Yes, Cologne beer Kö lsch the name itself is the meaning of the "Cologne dialect", but also protected by the law of origin name. Only allowed in Cologne and the adjacent region directly with the Cologne use the name of beer production. Kö lsch usually use 0.2 litres of slender glass drinking, because too much wine will make it quickly lost its unique taste. And a small cup of fresh taste, often make people drunk forget, dazui! Although the name sounds like blood sausage dark cuisine feeling, but the taste is not a bit dark, blood sausage is made from pig and bovine blood, which will add chopped pork and beef tongue; edible usually cut into pieces, sauces and bread made with love, for the blood sausage diners bite block eat very happy. Photograph: cn vmeiwei Germany cured pork for authentic German cuisine in Cologne, Germany must try the pickled pig, the Germans love drink, large pieces of meat, pork is fond of pickled pork, so they do taste very delicious, this is a lot of people in Cologne have a la carte. Picture: instagram black bread and cheese if you see Halve Hahn on the menu, don’t think this dish is "half chicken" Oh, is actually half a rye small bread and a thick slice of cheese in Holland. Cologne people think that breakfast must come to a copy, and then with a glass of fresh beer, so the morning before the vitality. Rhine sauerbraten made this dish of beef marinated in vinegar to four days. The sauce is made of plum and raisins with honey, with potato balls and Apple Mousse, this special dishes on the show to you. The traditional sauerbraten is horse meat as raw material in the past, people with the change of taste, now the dish has provided beef as raw materials. Picture: tuniu sumptuous delicious delicacy in Cologne can be said to be not at all surprising, in addition to the above described these, worth a try and baby stewed diced chicken, roast goose, white onion, cheese Wine oxtail stew Fried Eggs salmon, and Crispy Bread etc.. The restaurant recommended the Rhine court pig elbow Haxenhaus zum Rheingarten with 750 year old pig elbow house still retains a long-standing tradition of hospitality. Here to provide all kinds of pig elbow, as well as under the recipe cook sausage " Lö we Will"相关的主题文章: