College online shopping is amazing the number of courier over 7.2 clothes shoes (video) zibba

College online shopping is amazing: the number of courier over 7.2 billion clothes and shoes to buy buy and never buy white-collar patents. The ivory tower, the consumption of university students, I am afraid not the ordinary people can imagine! Recently, the reporter visits in Jinan university learned that only Alexander Center campus, teachers and students a day delivery charge of 3000 or so, the female is the main force in online shopping, online shopping in the top category students dress coat. And the day before released "China campus express Development Research Report" shows that in 2015, the national express parcel volume 206 billion, University express number more than 720 million, accounting for 6% of the total; while creating 2 million 60 thousand jobs, 70 thousand people are directly driven by the University express. Courier to eight nights six bubble school 20, the reporter went to the central campus of Shandong University. On the west side of the road into Germany, from 9 apartment building has been extended to the building of the number 18, almost all occupied by courier booth, the scene is very spectacular. The square of the pavilion, also scattered small courier stalls. And this situation has become a lot of college students have become accustomed to the existence of. "I don’t know when it started. That’s when I read freshman year. School express is that by region, one by one put out, then the students according to the received mobile phone message, what number of rows of courier companies to get their own courier." Is reading a big mountain small really told reporters. The courier and Alexander restaurant stands Zhichizhiyao, she always finished the meal to take delivery smoothly. Noon and dinner time is the peak time for students to take delivery. Reporter observed, covers an area of relatively large courier companies, mainly Shen Tong, tact, rhyme and pass. The courier is generally around 8 morning to school, will express follow the numbers arranged in several rows of columns at noon, there will be a number of students have been removed, but in the afternoon there will be a number of courier express was sent, usually on campus until 6 p.m.. The reporter asked one by one, the daily express courier company, a single volume in 400-800, the other day in the SF express company, Alexander central campus sent pieces of quantity is about 100, Jingdong, Tmall supermarket, Dangdang 50 a day or so, EMS has generally reached 150. There is no doubt that the double eleven almost all express courier company will turn 2-3 times the singular. Alexander Center campus 10 floor on the south side of the neighboring treasure "Shandong University Express Service Center Manager Zhang Zhiyuan told reporters," according to statistics, Alexander central campus teachers and students around 20 thousand people, up to 3000 days to express a single number, at least one day is about 2000." Zhang Zhiyuan introduction, from the overall situation of the mountain, the 6 campuses of Ji’nan campus, a total of more than 40 thousand teachers and students, the average daily express delivery of about 6500. At present, neighbor treasure has cooperation with some courier companies, the use of smart courier cabinet form, express collection and temporary storage on behalf of providing services for students, replacing the previous part of the express company "stall" mode. Shandong Normal University, Qianfo Hill campus, although the number of students is not much, but the campus courier told reporters that the day of delivery is also a singular 400相关的主题文章: