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College-University College of Mount Saint Vincent Provides Liberal Art Education in Catholic Tradition A Catholic liberal arts college that is located in Riverdale at Bronx in New York, the College of Mount Saint Vincent was founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York in the year 1847. People searching for Catholic oriented liberal arts education in college directory may find the college suitable for them. Campus Overview A co-educational four year private college, Mount Saint Vincent provides liberal art education in Catholic tradition in its excellent 70 acre campus overlooking the river Hudson. One of the greatest advantages of location is that the campus is only minutes away from any of the New York offices. Rich in ethnic, cultural, as well as religious diversities, a very strong current of community feeling exists in the campus. Usually the faculty student ration stands at 1:12. Brief History Founded in 1847 as Academy of Mount Saint Vincent, the college bought around 70 acres of land in Fonthill in the Riverdale neighborhood called Bronx. A castle in the estate of erstwhile Shakesperian actor Edwin Forrest is now functioning as the office of admission and financial aid for the college. Grant of degree in the college commenced in 1911 and the college became a co-educational institution in 1974. Over the last three decades and half the college has grown twice its original size. Programs Offered With student strength around 1800 the school offers professional undergraduate programs in nursing, business, communication, and education. In addition the standard liberal arts undergraduate curriculum having distinctive strengths in disciplines like sociology, psychology, English, biochemistry, and biology are also offered. Graduate degrees offered by the college in nursing, business, and education are one of the best in the country. Associate degrees in two streams, bachelor’s degree in ten streams, and master’s degree in two streams are available in the college. Admission It is one of those universities where admission is open to high school transfer students under 25, and adult students above 25 looking for bachelor’s degree, transfer student seeking nursing program at Mid-Manhattan campus, and students looking either for certification or for graduation programs. Financial Aids Federal aids and grants, state aids and grants, college grants and scholarships, and student loans are available for the students in the College of Mount Saint Vincent . Applications for Federal Aids include the Federal Stafford loan and Federal Grad Plus loans can be filed using the FAFSA form. For details one can log on to the financial aid page of the college website or find out some informative review site on the web where all information would be available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: