Co founder said twitter should consider selling shares soared 4.5%

The Twitter co-founder said considering selling the stock soared 4.5% Tencent Francisco mobile social era, the United States Twitter in a very embarrassing situation, because of the availability of products is poor, compared with the other user scale mobile social networking tool pitiful. Management carried out a lot of product transformation, but the user is still not on the scale. The day before, a co-founder of Twitter said in a TV interview, the company should consider including the transfer of measures, affected by this, Twitter shares have soared. On Wednesday, Twitter jumped 4.5%. This increase is not much for Twitter. Tencent science and technology inquiry found that Twitter’s closing market capitalization of $14 billion on Wednesday. The same day, Twitter co-founder Williams (Ev Williams) accepted an interview with Bloomberg financial channel. On the issue of transfer. As we all know, the transfer of Twitter is not a new topic. Wall Street analysts and many technology media believe that Twitter is the best outcome is to sell a large technology company as a social tool. At present, the mobile social market has emerged WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and other star products, Twitter has lost the light, no longer the power to revive. On Bloomberg financial channel, the moderator asked whether Williams Twitter is a target for the acquisition. At first, he was reluctant to discuss the topic, but then he said, Twitter must consider various options, including mergers and acquisitions. Williams said: Twitter is now in a relatively strong state, as a board member, I think Twitter should consider the right option." Just recently, the media reported that Microsoft’s former CEO Ballmer, as well as a Saudi prince intends to acquire Twitter. In the view of Silicon Valley analysts, Twitter is a valuable acquisition target, the industry Michael Tchong said, Twitter attract resources have a certain value, in addition to Twitter is also a leading public opinion, social network. As of the end of June, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users. Compared with the end of March, the scale of users has increased less than 1%, it can be said that the Twitter in stagnant predicament. Only a short while ago, users of Instagram less than Twitter, but the catch up from behind, current monthly active users has more than five hundred million people. The U.S. technology industry analyst Enderle (Rob Enderle) said, Twitter ideal is the acquirer has enough capital to expand their user base, if can become a part of the Google (micro-blog) Twitter, this is a relatively good result. In addition to the user to stop growing, Twitter another problem is how to translate user resources into revenue and profit!相关的主题文章: