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Clean up the "wonderful proof" let the information run away fewer people to run errands for a period of time, "wonderful proof" has become the focus of attention of public opinion. Xinhua news agency survey found that, compared with the past, the number of grassroots police stations and communities in the country to prove the number has decreased significantly. Promote decentralization in 4 years, hundreds of thousands of "proof" was canceled. The proof involves the marriage and family, housing services, social security, health care, household income, property status and other more than and 10 categories, requirements issued by the government departments and units involved in the court, mass organizations, banks, insurance, aviation, railway and other state-owned enterprises. However, in some places, such as no small three proof, proof of family women, such as the wonderful proof is also required to issue a number of notary, banks and other non-governmental sectors to become a large demand for proof. (Xinhua News Agency November 2015) on November 22nd, the State Council on simplifying the optimization of public service processes to facilitate grassroots people to do business notice clearly stated, and resolutely cut off all kinds of unnecessary proof and cumbersome procedures. In August this year, the 12 departments of the Ministry of public security, development and Reform Commission jointly issued "on the certificate issued by the police station to improve and standardize the work of opinions", means that people don’t have to "some wonderful proof" errands involvement. Indeed, most of the "wonderful proof" is gone, but such as "no proof" mistress ", a housewife that" even more wonderful that still stubbornly exist, as you can imagine, in the "wonderful proof" before the cancellation, because the issue that the party has no reason to Zhengda bright refused, so, though "at the mouth, boduantui, there are always able to open out a glimmer of hope, but after the cancellation, issue that the party can justifiably refuse, so," while not open, while still want ", but makes clear" wonderful proof "has become more and more people in both sides of the buck" dilemma. Obviously, the side does not open, while still want to, this reality is not to clean up the wonderful proof of the expected results, but also called for cleaning up wonderful proof need to add the force, and then make some effort! In other words, the clean-up has not been successful, comrades still need to work hard". On the one hand, we must see that the individual wonderful proof exists, with all localities and departments to clean up the intensity and progress of different. If some places have been explicitly canceled, some places are not canceled. China Daily recently reported a good illustration of this problem: when a lot of places has been canceled "trauma proof", the people of Xi’an Zheng master trauma hospital reimbursement when they need to prove "hurt himself". Of course, it must be admitted that, there are still individual "wonderful proof", standing on the perspective of ordinary people, it is difficult for the masses too, but standing in the party to ask for proof, also all is pure in deliberately making things difficult for the masses — when they themselves do not have or do not have the conditions to determine, in order to avoid the possible risk. "Wonderful proof" came into being! From this, "wonderful proof" is to eliminate hidden dangers, to reduce the risk of hobson. In other words, when asked to prove that if the party can easily access to relevant information, naturally lost the demand for wonderful proof of a strong impulse. In fact, when a variety of data lying in the relevant departments;相关的主题文章: