Chongqing to carry out drug prevention education for 4 million students a year segotep

Chongqing within one year of 4 million students to carry out drug prevention education – Beijing Beijing in September 29 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) 29 reporters from the Chongqing city school drug prevention education work and the "6.27" project Jiangjin site to promote the meeting was informed that, since September 2015, in the city of Chongqing more than 5000 primary and secondary schools and secondary vocational schools the activities of school drug education students, education students of nearly 4 million people, students’ knowledge of drugs Judu antivirus consciousness obvious enhancement. Deputy director of the Chongqing municipal Narcotics Control Commission, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Wang Shaomin said at the meeting, the school is the main position of drug prevention education, students are the most important drug prevention education for young people. But because of the professional drug prevention education teachers still lack, adolescent drug prevention education quality and level is not high, part of the contents of prevention education still exist from the real problems, which lead to the actual effect of preventive education is not ideal. To this end, in October 2015, Chongqing City Narcotics Control Office in conjunction with the publicity, finance, public security, education and other 14 departments jointly issued the "Chongqing youth drug prevention education plan (2016 – 2018)" start, Chongqing city youth drug prevention education in the "6.27" project. Strive through three years of efforts to build and improve the system of drug prevention education for young people, so that students in school drug awareness rate of up to 100%. Last year, Chongqing UNODC invested 2 million 660 thousand yuan for the city’s primary and secondary schools and vocational schools issued 266 thousand copies of the campus drug prevention education textbook, and simultaneously launched the youth anti drug knowledge contest. To provide students with no less than 2 hours per year to participate in drug prevention education. Toxic situation in the region, an appropriate increase in class. Secondary vocational schools, colleges and universities to carry out a drug prevention education before and after graduation. At the same time, the local drug prevention education will be included in the content of teacher training, the establishment of the campus drug alliance to build non-toxic campus defense. Next, Chongqing will be fully launched in 2016 cities, counties, the establishment of a class of drug prevention education demonstration school in the school, to participate in the creation of a clear School of not less than 20%, to achieve a leading role in the demonstration of the two. Wang Shaomin requirements, Chongqing public security organs at all levels to carry out the school security investigation and remediation, severely crack down on drug trafficking activities in the campus and surrounding the ceiling, purifying the campus order, create a good social environment for the youth. To lure, abetting, deception, coercion of minors drug criminals, should be investigated in the end, never give up, and resolutely crack down.相关的主题文章: