Chongqing municipal government held the 138th executive meeting Huang Qifan presided over the norton disk doctor

Chongqing municipal government executive meeting held 138th   Huang Qifan presided over the local leadership — original title: passed my residence permit implementation measures for the implementation of the national "residence permit" Provisional Regulations, reasonable guide population flow and expand the coverage of basic public services, August 25th, (Chongqing) mayor Huang Qifan chaired the municipal government 138th executive meeting, considered by the "Chongqing residence permit" measures for the implementation of. "Approach" provides that non resident resident in Chongqing city resident, or with the city’s permanent residence but cross county (Autonomous County) citizens living, need to apply for residence permit. At the same time, according to the objective reality of permanent residence in the city of citizens in the city within the scope of the cross to live for a residence permit. "Approach" put forward the residence permit processing conditions: first, the applicant in the residence and residence registration for six months; two is a legitimate and stable employment, legal and stable residence, one of the conditions for continuous study. At the same time, the "measures" the residence permit holders enjoy public services and facilities, including: participate in social insurance; deposit, extraction and use of housing provident fund rights; enjoy compulsory education provided by government departments, employment policies and regulations, occupation guidance, consulting job introduction, business services, security, public rental housing in school-age children vaccination, maternal and child health care, legal aid, by the city public transportation service offers basic public services; enjoy the city participated in the occupation qualification examination, the declaration of scientific and technological achievements in the residence enlisted, apply for a driver’s license and immigration documents, for the replacement of identity cards and other facilities. In addition, the approach is also clear, residence permit holders in accordance with the provisions of the municipal government settled conditions, according to my wishes, the permanent residence will be moved into the residence of the original account. The meeting also considered the "Ecological Conservation Development Zone in Northeast Chongqing urban agglomeration planning", "Southeast Chongqing Ecological Protection Zone Town Planning". Two "planning" to strictly implement the surface protection, on the point of development, focus on urban construction, industrial development, transportation construction, regional cooperation and other content planning, put forward to protect the ecological space, optimizing agricultural development space, urban space, security control of major infrastructure space, and improve the urban system, improve the urban the function of group organization, improve the urban and rural organization, improve the comprehensive transportation facilities and strengthen regional cooperation and other aspects of the specific requirements. The meeting also studied the urban and rural subsistence allowances, enjoy special government allowances and other related matters. City leaders Chen Heping, He Ting, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and the equal participation of the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, such as. (reporter Shang Yu) (Yu Hai Chong, Xu Donger: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: