Chinese ambassador to Cuba Cuban friendship network – in the new ship set sail

Chinese ambassador to Cuba: Cuban friendship ship set sail again – Beijing in the leaders of the two countries and people’s efforts, the friendship of the ship will set sail again from a new historical starting point, towards a more brilliant future "Friends of the heart, although far not sparse". Chinese and Cuba although separated by oceans, but heart. The relationship between the Middle East and Latin America is the forerunner of Sino Latin American relations, is a model of solidarity and cooperation among developing countries. The two sides have their own characteristics in the construction of the socialist road from each other to explore, exchange experience in governing the deepening mutual support on issues concerning their core interests, has formed a close relationship of good friends, good comrades and good brothers. I was in Cuba has been more than 4 years, has witnessed and witnessed the rapid development of comprehensive friendly cooperative relationship between China and cuba. The leaders of the two countries maintained frequent exchanges and established profound friendship. Fidel, the leader of the Cuban revolution, and the current leader, Raul, have visited China many times on the other side of the road. It is an old friend of the Chinese people, who have visited China many times in the past years. At the same time, Cuba is one of the most visited countries in Latin america. July 2014, President Xi Jinping’s visit to Cuba, with President Raul on bilateral relations, governance and other issues in-depth exchange of views, the two sides jointly planned the future development blueprint for the relationship between the middle ages. At present, the high level of political relations between the two sides is gradually transformed into multi-level, multi field economic and trade cooperation. For many years, China is Cuba’s second largest trading partner and one of the important economic cooperation, Cuba is China’s largest trading partner in the Caribbean region, bilateral trade complementarity, benefit the people. Cuba, almost every family has a cheap "Chinese manufacturing", Cuban cigars, rum, bio pharmaceutical products gradually into the market Chinese. The country is a blind date. The colorful cultural exchanges between the two countries, "the joy of Spring Festival held in Cuba for many years, almost every show has aroused strong repercussions in the local; by the two sides jointly held the" Havana China Cultural Festival "has become a local brand of cultural activities. More and more Chinese artists and musicians during the performance, communication, China movie also began to film in cuba. At the same time, the high level of ballet and other art groups in Cuba also frequently went to China to perform, so that the Chinese audience can enjoy the wonderful art and culture of cuba. Middle school education cooperation in the ascendant. As early as in the 60s of last century, Cuba has accepted the first batch of Chinese students, they have played an important role in many important positions in the field of foreign countries. In recent years, there has Chinese thousands of students to accept the Cuban government scholarship, learning Spanish, Cuban universities such as medicine, tourism, education and other professional students at their own expense to go to Cuba is also on the rise. Cuba also sent more outstanding young people to study in China, University of Havana Confucius Institute is attracting more and more Cubans to learn chinese. The future of the two sides can continue to explore the education mode of cooperation, enhance mutual understanding between the two young people, let the friendship from generation to generation. Tourism is expected to become a new bright spot of the cooperation between the two countries. Cuba has abundant natural resources and unique charm of the local customs and practices: Varadero)相关的主题文章: