Chinese Air Force general female pilots proud of the achievements of the air force development winavi

General air force Chinese: female pilots are proud of the original title for the air force air force general development achievements: female pilots: Chinese proud in new Beijing on 12 November, the air force achievement (Li Chun) or "love flying, because only into the bone marrow. Still longing for the blue sky, only because of awe." Stand in front of the exhibition -5 aircraft, the Chinese air force, the third batch of female pilots Liu Xiaolian said. To commemorate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of Chinese air force, air force 12, the Aviation Museum held a memorial wall to heroes presented wreaths ceremony, the Central Military Commission, the air force air force commander Ma Xiaotian, political commissar Yu Zhongfu attended. The 14 air force Chinese third batch of female pilots also represent women pilot overall presented a basket of flowers. 50 years ago, the Chinese air force to complete the first flight of the first batch of female pilots, Liu Xiaolian is one of the third. As the first domestic China driving -8 transport aircraft of the female pilots, driving the 7 types of generals bluntly, this experience let her feel proud. Liu Xiaolian told reporters that the Chinese air force over the past 60 years has gone through a number of stages of development, many of which they experienced. China’s air force today’s development and achievements so that she was inspired, full of pride and pride. "The aircraft pilot is very mature, is everywhere, exercise in the task." The air force Chinese third batch of female pilots, the first female pilot Chinese general Yue Xicui said, although these female pilots were over 60, they were driving large transport aircraft, arranged in battle formation, performing a variety of tasks, flying all over the Chinese on both sides of the Changjiang River. Yue Xicui said, these female pilots courageous and skilled, but also students everywhere. "We are on the side of the task, while improving technology, while training new forces." When it comes to today’s Air Force pilot, Xicui Yue said, now more high technology content of fighter pilots, master of modern technology, training the starting point is also improved, a good foundation for building a world-class air force Chinese lay. Liu Xiaolian said, China is speeding up the construction of an air and space, both offensive and defensive strong people’s air force, which puts forward higher requirements for pilots. Chinese air force has trained ten female pilots, with female fighter pilots, and from the seventh batch of female pilots out of Liu Yang and Wang Yaping two female astronauts. The future will be from the people’s Air Force female pilots team go out more adapt to the development of the outstanding figures of aerospace. "All Air Force fighters should have our female pilots." Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: