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China’s largest city, 1000 times larger than the old town! The Sohu has China tourism have a documented history of nearly 5000 years, the cultural flows left countless treasures for us, black bean pot to introduce the magnificent ancient city! The oldest and most ancient commercial center with the best preserved history…… Pingyao County is Jinzhong’s largest city — Pingyao County, here is the ancient Chinese commercial center, the light is such a large number of ancient buildings, has fascinated the soul. To defend the ancient city walls, magnificent and growth, the four corner turret four, a little Taiwan east wall, the southeast corner of the top building Kui Xing Lou and Wenchang pavilion. Pingyao County traffic context from the four Avenue, eight Street, seventy-two lane of scutigera coleoptrata arranged in a crisscross pattern. Known as the "ancient Chinese Wall Street" of the South Street, the Qing Dynasty controlled more than 50% of financial institutions. Pingyao County is located in the center of Pingyao County, has 600 years of history, is the largest existing county. The internal structure of well-proportioned, is worth a visit. Founded in the light of three years the National Bank opened Rishengchang, Chinese precedent, once the manipulation of the Qing Dynasty economic lifeline, semicolon from Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, known as "Huitong". The oldest existing Confucious’temple, is the ancient worship of Confucius place, is one of the key cultural relics of Pingyao County. Tips: coordinate tickets for the Shanxi city of Jinzhong province Pingyao County into the city: do not need tickets, visit the city to buy 150 yuan pass Old Town of Lijiang Old Town of Lijiang has become the green dream, more and more TV film introduces here life and leisure of love. Here on both sides of the ancient streets are modern shops, selling memories and youth, although expensive, but it is also a good choice to visit. Set up the Old Town of Lijiang’s wood here is the government office, the hereditary civilization, wood house alone about the history of the rise and fall of the story. This five-star classic wooden structure of the eternal floor, upstairs with the size of 12600 Naxi characteristics of a leader, and in the world. Because the building looks like five flying phoenix, named "wufenglou". Wufenglou combines Chinese and Tibetan, Naxi nationality three architectural style, is a rare treasure to China ancient architecture. In Lijiang, in the afternoon sun, sitting on the roadside cafe for a cup of hot drinks, looking at people, or travel books; the night into the city, into a yellow bar, listen to the singers in the field, red wine green people drunk. Tips: Lijiang City, Yunnan province coordinate Gucheng District: the ancient city maintenance costs 80 yuan tickets around the attractions: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe town of Langzhong city is the ancient city of Langzhong Bashu throat fortress, has 2300 years of history, in ancient times is very important for the military. Zhongtian buildings, in a large city in momentum, Feng Shui is the ancient city of Langzhong where the point coordinates and the streets of the ancient city, with its axis, a "ten Tianxin" to order from all sides, so also]相关的主题文章: