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China upset Muhammad Saihou humility captain Liu Wei against tough prairie negative – Sohu sports   the evening of October 30, 2016, the top China boxing tournament "Chinese boxing match second games to continue fighting in Guangdong city of Zhongshan stadium, intense competition events climax, constantly exciting, and there are four grades of" China. "The main title. Compared with the first day of competition, four battle scenes on the evening of the 30 is more intense, more than the old rivals in the ring again to start again and gave birth to a popular showdown. Finally, Shi Guojun, Mou Haipeng and Wang Hong Hu Bi Li GREE checked on their opponents "China top champion", the first game is a game between brothers of the same master dialogue, 64 kg and 19 year old Hu’s humble Nova Wanggang from police Tigongdadui boxing team, two fighters on the flat together the training is very understanding of each other, so the more famous Hu did not win the grasp of humility. After the match began Wanggang with a sharp jab before hand open, fast convergence straight right clear hit, showing his young mature. Hu Qianxun punches very suddenly, a shot right abdominal counter effect is good, the overall view of the round Wanggang play a more active. The second leg of Hu humility to strengthen the attack, the King Kong to play on the counter attack, including a left uppercut and blew the boiling point. But Hu modest immediately to the color, the left uppercut also hit the King Kong chin. The last ten seconds, Wang Gang combined pursuit of success. The third round of the scene stalemate, the two sides had hit. Wang seems to be more active, and Hu modest does not seem to achieve the best excitement. The fourth round after the start of King Kong actively Chuquan, close the hook combo, attack the opponent after the combined counter attack has achieved a certain effect. A minute ago Hu humble almost didn’t blow completely at a disadvantage. The fifth round of Wanggang to start strong, a round and round, even for modest Hu chasing. Hu modesty is not in the state, out of the punches, defense also has loopholes. The last round of Wanggang Yuezhanyueyong, humility is slightly negative all walk hu. After the six round of the game, Hu modest right eye has been completely swollen, the height of his arms in the game did not play the advantages of long. The final three referees given 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 score, consistent with the king of Hong Kong win. As the youngest of the participating fighter, Wanggang performance themselves, this year has just become the new national champion, the Olympic victory and humble eight players Hu, the 19 year old rookie of the future is limitless. The second game was a repeat of 81 kg class final national championship last year, young veteran Shi Guojun Huang Jiabin battles. The first round of military application continuous play before the hand swings, shows the strong desire to attack. Huang Jiabin in the fast-paced attack take time for his punches, good continuity and placement is changeable, hand fist repeatedly hit back. The second round punches Huang Jiabin to speed up the frequency of application of military repeatedly made substantial power in both hands, both offense and defense conversion speed is very fast, the scene is very wonderful. The next two rounds, the application continues to onslaught, straight left several clear hit each other head. Yellow.相关的主题文章: