Children skating kepo forehead merchants refused to make compensation for lawyer’s Disclaimer not co-segotep

Children skating kepo forehead merchants refused to make compensation for lawyer’s Disclaimer: not the newspaper news (reporter Ming Lingxiang) Ms. bear the public to reflect the Wuhan evening news, 8 year old son accidentally broke at the rink, spent 3000 yuan for medical expenses, after repeatedly contact the merchant, the rink nothing has yet to lose, even produce a disclaimer. 7 the night of October 22nd, Ms. bear who lives in Hankou with her 8 year old son Cong Cong (a pseudonym), arrived at the liberation Avenue all star skating skating club, Cong Cong accidentally fell on the ice in the process, the forehead knock out about 2 cm long hole, after the diagnosis of head injury, two stitches. Spend 3000 yuan for medical expenses. Recently, Ms. Xiong repeatedly contact the rink, but the rink has not paid. Miss Xiong believes that businesses should be responsible for this. Wuhan evening news reporter saw at the rink posted at the door of a business accident disclaimer, and wrote: this field is not responsible for any accidents and injuries, skating people and children wear protective gear and gloves. After verification, the whole does not wear any Cong in skating equipment. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the all star ice rink, the manager surnamed Wang explained that Ms. bear children is to fall. At the same time, the child before entering the venue, they warned each other whether to rent gear, but the other party that the child has a skating foundation, does not need to. Moreover, they have posted a disclaimer at the door, customers should pay attention to reading before entering the relevant matters. To this end, Hubei Li Feng Law Firm lawyer Qiu Dan believes that the skating rink as a business place, should be responsible for the personal safety of the customer site. In this case, although the operator warned customers rent gear, and show the disclaimer, but not completely exemption. At the same time, parents should bear some responsibility. As for the specific compensation issues, you can ask the forensic or relevant identification agencies issued a letter of approval by the court or the arbitration body mediation.相关的主题文章: