Chengdu Dacisi recruit young novices as adorable competing to lead the people in the new network

Chengdu Dacisi recruit young novices as adorable competing to lead the people to sign up – Beijing, 2 years old to 7 year old boy after screening, will be tailored to Meng Meng’s robes, and please photographers for babies shooting "budding moment", recently, Dacisi released Buddhist novices recruitment activities, attracted many people’s participate in. Many members of the public said, wearing a monk’s baby Meng feel full, but also want their children to experience. The temple to recruit young novices? According to the type of adorable to attract people to participate in "some children wear online, good adorable ah, the Thailand little monk wearing robes of nap in the online fire, I also want to let the children wear, play a little monk." Dacisi community residents Liu Jing baby 3 years old this year, see Dacisi shramanera recruitment activities on the Internet, and caught her. Dacisi staff Liu introduced the activities of news release from the beginning of August, will be the beginning of the interview babies, in mid October will be screened adorable baby, each baby will be Dacisi specially for the tailor, and by the Dacisi unified arrangement of location and time. She told reporters that this little monk is actually Chinese old folk in the "send", in order to ensure their children’s health and longevity and happiness, the child’s parents and family will let the temple master named the child, from the symbol on the basis of etiquette, the children entrusted to Buddhism, thus formed a religion and secular kinship. "We open through this form so that everyone involved, this is a manifestation of our traditional folk culture, more sustenance Dacisi on children’s blessing." There will be a small amount of amplification of the follow-up there is a release of information on the activities of the girls, the high degree of public participation, less than 2 days, they received the registration information of the more than and 60, greatly exceeded expectations. Considering the high enthusiasm, Dacisi will consider increasing the number of selected places a small amount. In addition, she told reporters, the recruitment of young monks for public welfare activities, are not paid. Selected babies will be tailored monk clothes, monk clothes will charge a certain cost. Huaxi community newspaper reporter Wei Wenjing相关的主题文章: