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Chengdu auto show 16 blockbuster new car price summary has now entered the September, the car is a major event in the circle than the Chengdu auto show. As the largest auto show in Southwest China, but also on the scale is close to the North Canton Auto Show, it has been a lot of attention to the car companies, so there are many new cars have started in Chengdu and listed. So, if you fail to see and enjoy the cars at the show site, then we will bring you a welfare, choose the most heavy 11 new modified models presented to you, they are already on the market. Finally, we also list a number of limited edition models, if you want to start on the speed yo! The 2016 Chengdu auto show, SAIC GM car – overview of Chevrolet Kewozi price: 7.99-10.99 yuan two, 3 price: 5.98-9.68 million the Nazhi dragonfly, 2016 new Volkswagen Santana (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) price: 8.49-12.38 million, Volkswagen Santana 2017 Cross edition price: 10.29-12.99 million, Martha Lahti president (see paragraph with pictures, inquiry, price: 1 million 460 thousand) six, Benz SLC price: 55.96-68.8 yuan seven, Benz facelift CLA price: 26.7-59.80 yuan eight, Volvo S90 price: 56.98-71.28 yuan, nine Volvo S60 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) V60 Polestar price: 606 thousand and 900 yuan, 636 thousand and 900 yuan in ten paragraph M6 price: 6.98-10.28 yuan / SUV, a Harvard H2 lanbiao edition price: 9.58-11.88 yuan – a Lexus NX (limited edition models, ginseng, map 200, inquiry) Special Edition (328 thousand yuan) limit: 1000 Taiwan two, Chery Jaguar Land Rover found God (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Limited Edition (428 thousand yuan) limit: 888 main highlights: the appearance of color is ERON white + black rim style has also been upgraded. Three, BMW M4 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) GTS ($1 million 990 thousand) limit: 700 main highlights: like racing like shape, is also equipped with a racing style car seat, roll cage, seems to be born to the track biao. It is equipped with 3.0T twin turbo straight six engine, maximum power of 500 horsepower, peak torque of 600 cattle · m, matching the double clutch gearbox of the 7 stop, just a little more than 3.8 seconds. Four, smart fortwo gray line Special Edition ($139 thousand and 888) limit: 500 main highlights: as the name implies, the car is based on the gray tone. It adopts titanium gray body color, petal shaped rim is also quite characteristic. Five, the new BMW 7 series the next hundred years special edition (1 million 500 thousand yuan) limit: 100 main highlights: launched to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the birth of the BMW brand, which is based on the BMW 740Le plug-in hybrid version of the model building, using blue metal car exclusive paint, and is equipped with 20 inch alloy wheels in the new design.相关的主题文章: