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Chen Aisen’s former partner Championship Title: do I have to do he think Diving Championships Xie Yi won the "Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhou Wanqi   yesterday, the 2016 National Diving Championships continue in Guangzhou Olympic swimming pool in, in the evening of the men’s 3 meter final, Guangdong Haiyin diving team swept the top three the world champion, Xie Si Yi to 40 points ahead of the title. This gold component may not have the world championships, but enough to make Xie Si Yi reborn, he had 10 meter diving partner Chen Aisen has now become the Olympic double, and has become a springboard for Xie Si Yi said: "the Essen you can, I can do it." Don’t look at from Shantou Xie Si Yi only 20 years old this year, but it is also a famous young, he last year for the first time in the world championships in Kazan won the men’s 1 meter gold medal to become world champion, many people do not know, then he in 2014 because of a foot rest for a year, and this injury almost ended his diving career. At that time, China diving team leader Zhou Jihong has praised Xie Si Yi "has great potential in the springboard, he hopes future difference" in the 3 meter board, but fate is so cruel, after the fantastic world championship gold medal to help him rebuild self-confidence, a foot injury in early 2016 and again hit him, reoperation ruined he hopes to enter the Olympic Games in rio. The injury hit let Xie Si Yi he said in 2014, cannot bear to think of the past, let him hurt almost despair, the doctor said he would have not practiced diving, his idea is to give up, was retired, only to end their 11 years of diving career. At that time, Xie Si Yi did not want to communicate with anyone, is a taste of music, but is no longer a manic style (Xie Si hall was once the European and American pop music fancier, WeChat has also established a special group to share with you a good heart, and more Inspirational Songs). It is precisely the theme of the pursuit of dreams, full of inspirational elements of the "HALL  OF  FAME" rekindled his hope. However, managed to start again at the beginning of this year, the old wound recrudescence so that he was the fate of blame, especially looking at national team players in the field of swimming training will inevitably have mixed feelings xiushan. However, before the injured past, Xie Si Yi indifferent, but learn to cherish the "walk to cherish, afraid to walk" feeling encouraged him once again stand on the springboard. Xie Siyi said that he is the kind of day doesn’t feel no person fit he resumed training system, every day to push myself not lazy, gradually, the power back, feeling back, finally, he was standing on the highest podium. When he was a world champion, he said, "I feel like I’m still a blank sheet of paper, and there is still room for improvement." The final score of the game last night can get a silver medal in the Olympic Games in Rio, the market once again let Xie si full of confidence, he believed himself to be a very competitive player, just to enhance the quality of details and action, on his return to the national team, He Chong He Chao, after Guangdong became a China diving team in hand you have a springboard.相关的主题文章: